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Stock MusicProduction Music, Library Music are all terms that are used interchangeably to describe our business.  The term ‘library’ is used because of the broad range of musical styles and genres represented.




High Impact Stock Music (UniqueTracks) is a library of several thousand music recordings that can be easily licensed for use in media projects like film, television, video games, Internet streaming, phone apps, radio ad spots, music-on-hold.  A license is an agreement that gives the legal permissions necessary to be able to use the music in your production.

Licensing is easy because, unlike typical music publishers, UniqueTracks has advance permission from its composers to seek and make music licensing agreements on their behalf. UniqueTracks production music is a simple and convenient solution for media producers because we can deliver the license and the master recordings with all permissions necessary directly through this website.  The music is downloaded immediately upon cart checkout on the site.

Stock music libraries are popular for soundtrack uses where a specially-commissioned or custom work is not needed or the budget for it is not available.  Custom music, written directly for a specific scene or introduction, carries a higher cost as does the licensing of a well-known piece of popular music.  These can cost anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the fame or age of the music.  Stock music fills the gap offering a soundtrack solution for the more budget conscious production.

The UniqueTracks Stock Music Library carries a broad selection of stock contemporary music styles offering a vast selection of rock, jazz and film soundtracks.  We also carry a deep selection of stock classical music recordings featuring music by Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Bach and other famous composers.

What does this website do? 
High Impact Stock Music (UniqueTracks) is a business that offers a constantly growing collection of music recordings that you can easily license directly from this site to use in commercial or personal media projects.  You purchase a license by placing the track in your shopping cart.  Once you’ve made payment, an email is sent to you containing a link whereby you can download the master recording to your computer.

By obtaining a license you gain the legal permissions necessary to use the recordings in your own work.  Licenses can be priced differently depending on how you wish to use the music.

The term stock music is often associated with a business like ours.  Stock media companies provide ready-made media content that can be legally added to your work in a matter of minutes.  Stock Photo and Stock Footage sites have a similar function to this site.

How we’re different
Our experience has led us to believe that the greatest challenge for customers on sites like ours is managing the speed of the search process.  Reducing the time it takes to find workable music is the main thrust of our site.  To that end, we do not offer a library of hundreds of thousands of tracks.  Rather, our library is somewhat narrow, with each track having to pass an ‘ear test’ as to its functionality as a soundtrack.  We hope that by raising the quality/functionality bar at the outset, you will reduce the time it takes to find the track you need.

How does your pricing work?
License rates are based on the type of use and the media in which the music recordings will reside.

Licensed by High Impact Stock MusicWhat kind of license agreement does this site have?

Our Standard License Agreement states that you can use our music in synchronization with the images, text or other multimedia content in your commercial or non-commercial production.  The term “synchronization” means the music mustn’t stand alone in the project, it must support your visuals or audio as the background soundtrack.

To be sure you are using the music correctly within the license agreement, just make sure to use the music in the background or in a supporting/secondary way. As long as our tracks are not the main content of your product, you are using the music correctly within the license agreement. (We can also license music to be used as the main content of your product, i.e. on an audio CD, but that is a different license with a different pricing. For more info, see the Mechanical License tab).

High Impact Stock Music offers three license tiers.  Each level steps up the user rights associated with the license.

Standard License
Our Standard License gives a wide array of usage rights including web streaming, podcasting, corporate presentation, music-on-hold,  film synchronization, local advertising, mobile apps, and game design.  Fully 85% of the licenses we give fall within the Standard License.  You can see the breakdown of the usage rights here.

Enhanced License
Sometimes, there are projects where your music usage will not be covered by the Standard License.  An example of this would be if you are releasing a film on DVD.  While our Standard License covers Film Festival rights, Student and Art House rights, if you want to sell your film on DVD, you would need to purchase our Enhanced License.  Advertisers that are creating Internet ad campaigns for clients will also need the Enhanced License.  It is always a good idea to check the usage rights you intend with our licensing page or simply contact us with any licensing questions.

All Media License (Theatrical License)
The All Media License is mainly used for film projects where the movie has a “General” or “Theatrical” release.  A theatrical release usually means the movie has a distributor and is being shown for ticket-buying customers in multiple theaters.  Art House, Student, or Film Festival rights are covered by the Standard License and don’t need the theatrical release (unless the movie picks up a distributor).

What types of productions can I use the music in?
You can use this site to license music for

  1. Advertising
  2. Corporate Use (Training Videos, Presentations, Meetings)
  3. Film Synchronization
  4. Internet Streaming
  5. Mobile Apps
  6. Music-On-Hold
  7. Television
  8. Radio
  9. Theater
  10. Video Games
  11. Student Productions

Types of uses not listed here are also possible.  Contact us for a custom quote.

There is no need to notify us if you are using the music in a video or software product that you want to market. Your purchase of a High Impact Stock Music product grants you a lifetime license to use that product as many times as you’d like.

We ask for a credit (i.e. Music composed by UniqueTracks) if there is room in your production to give such credit. We realize that not all productions lend themselves to giving a music credit. If you have space, please credit the music to UniqueTracks (UniqueTracks is the owner of this website and the owner/publisher of all music on this website).

Can I mass produce and market my product that contains your music?
Yes, you definitely can. This is really the intention of stock music; to give you access to music that you can use in synchronization with the other media of your production. When you purchase a track from us, you receive a bundle of usage rights that let you legally use the music as background soundtrack in a multitude of different settings from film soundtrack to music-on-hold to video soundtrack for a YouTube posting.

The purchase of our product grants you, the purchaser, a single-user license. The license is valid only for your use. In other words, it’s just like a software license, you cannot manufacture or copy our products and sell them, lend them or give them away, etc.

You can use our music in corporate marketing videos, exercise videos, subliminal help videos, trade shows, radio spots, multimedia productions and school projects. If you are a filmmaker you can use our music in your dramatic or documentary film.

Use of our music to create your own Private Label audio CD (as a giveaway, company gift, or for sales) is very possible but we use a different type of license called a ‘Mechanical’ License.  Please see the Mechanical Licenses tab on this page for more information.

What is Term or Duration of your license?
For most usages, the term of the license is “in perpetuity” (forever).  A “One Year” Term caps your usage after a year.  After that, you would need to purchase a new license to keep using the track.  A license with the term “In Perpetuity” means you are licensed for that usage forever.

Is your music “copyright-free”?
The term “copyright free” is sometimes used to describe royalty free music. This is, in fact, an error. When you purchase a stock music track from us, you are essentially buying a license to use the music and recording in synchronization with the other media in your own production.

The publisher, UniqueTracks (through this website, High Impact Stock Music), remains the copyright holder. The purchaser of one of our recordings buys a very broad license to use the music as a tool in their production work.

Copyright-cleared is a better term than copyright-free.  Copyright cleared means by licensing, you have gained the legal rights to use the music (the copyrights) in your production.

Can I add vocals, lyrics or other instruments to your music tracks and release it on CD?
No, under our Standard License Agreement, adding your own lyrics, vocals or other instrumentation to our existing tracks to create your own song is strictly prohibited. There are just too many legal, publishing and copyright issues involved to make this practical.

The music tracks on this site have been created to work as background music – providing color and dramatic content to media productions. We license the music to be used in synchronization with your other media. Read more about our Standard License Agreement.

Can I use a sample from one of your tracks in my song?
Yes, you can, however, doing so requires a special license from us. This usage is not covered by our License Agreement.

Please call or e-mail us with your details and we will be happy to send you a quote for sampling usage.

If you have any questions about our Standard License Agreement or any of our licensing options, please call us toll-free (US/Canada) at 1-888-316-0971 Toll-Free.  You can also contact us here.

High Impact Stock Music logo




High Impact Stock Music is the website of the UniqueTracks Music Corporation.  Established in 1998, UniqueTracks has been licensing music online for over 20 years.

Our goal at UniqueTracks is to offer creative, original and distinct music products that are exclusive to this site. Unlike other music licensing sites, UniqueTracks owns the copyrights to its music. We are not just a distributor of music tracks. We are a true library and publisher of music recordings.

Because we actually own the masters to our recordings, we can enter into publishing deals that other companies can’t. If you have a music usage that cannot be found in our standard license agreement, please contact us and we will work up a custom quote for the usage you intend.

How do I download music files?
Place the track you want to license in your shopping cart by clicking the Add to Cart link.  Once you have placed the track into the shopping cart, go through the normal online check-out process, fill out the required data and give your credit card info.

Once your credit card has been validated, you will be presented with an invoice showing your purchase details. The invoice contains download links for each of the tracks you placed in your shopping cart. Clicking on these download links begins the download process to your computer. As a backup measure, an email is also sent to you with the download link information on it.

In the download, you will receive a compressed .zip file. Files are compressed because you are, in most cases, receiving several MP3 and WAV files (full-length tracks, remixes, 30/60 advertising mixes, etc.).

Once you have downloaded the compressed file you may need to use a utility program like WinZip (Windows) or StuffIt (MAC) to uncompress the digital music files. Today, most browsers will do this for you automatically.

I’ve lost my prior orders in a computer crash – can I re-download my past purchases?
Yes, you can redownload your orders right from your user account. If you have trouble, contact us for help.  It is easiest for us if you know your order number(s) for the missing tracks. This number can be found on the Sales Receipt email that was sent to you at the time of purchase. If you no longer have the order number, we’ll try to find your order using your company name or full name. This is usually not a problem.

Once we’ve located your order(s), we’ll generate new download link emails and send those to you. Clicking the links in the email will begin to download your orders.  There is no charge for this service. When you purchase a license from UniqueTracks that license is in place forever. Losing a track does not nullify your license. We do, however, encourage you to make back-ups of your production audio tracks.

What is the compression rate of your MP3 downloads?
The MP3 files are compressed at 44.100 kHz, Stereo and from 192-256 kbps. This is a high-resolution MP3 compression rate. Your download also includes WAV files (red-book CD quality). These can be used to create even higher resolution MP3 files if you have need for that.

You will receive a compressed .zip file. Files are compressed because you are, in most cases, receiving several MP3 and WAV files (full-length tracks, remixes, 30/60 advertising mixes, etc.) plus the UniqueTracks Basic License Agreement is also included in the download as a pdf file readable on any web browser or with the Adobe reader utility.

Once you have downloaded the compressed file you may need to use a utility program like WinZip (Windows) or StuffIt (MAC) to uncompress the mp3 files. Today, most browsers will do this for you automatically.

Can I return a music file and get a refund?
High Impact Stock Music (UniqueTracks) cannot give a refund unless some type of system error has occurred on our end.  Once a track has been downloaded, because of the nature of digital music files, we cannot credit your purchase back to you.
High Impact Stock Music logo

Our Guarantee
High Impact Stock Music (Publisher/UniqueTracks) guarantees that the audio recordings offered on its website are 100% copyright cleared and that by purchasing a license on this website you are obtaining all the necessary legal permissions you need to use the recordings as background music in your media productions.

What is a cue sheet?
A cue sheet is a printed listing of music cues used within the course of a broadcast production. Each cue references the composer and publisher of the music cue along with the amount of time the track plays within the production.

Each cue must also be given a usage designation. These tell how the music was used within the production.

For example:
Opening Theme Music
Background Instrumental Music
Background Vocal Music
Visual Instrumental (No dialogue)
Closing Theme Music
Cue sheets are submitted by the production company to the broadcast company and are filed with the applicable Performing Rights Society (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, SOCAN, etc).

To view an example of what a cue sheet looks like when it is all filled out, please click this link


You can download your own Excel spreadsheet version of this example below.

To view a blank cue sheet which you can print out for your own use, click here.


Here’s an Excel spreadsheet version of this cue sheet template.  Use this to prepare your own cue sheets.


We will be glad to assist you in the filing of your cue sheet with the performance rights organizations.

Please call us with any questions. US/Canada – (888) 316-0971.

Read our Complete License Agreement.

Do I need to fill out cue sheets for TV broadcast?
If you have included a track from our library in your production and you are preparing your production to be broadcast on television (Network, Cable, Public) then a cue sheet must be submitted to the broadcasting company with your production.

If you are including tracks from our library in your film or video, a cue sheet must be filed whenever the film is broadcast on TV. A cue sheet is not necessary for local Public Access TV broadcasts.

Broadcast of UniqueTracks music is cleared through the performing rights society BMI, ASCAP or SESAC whose revenues are collected directly from broadcast station licensing, not from you as a producer. All crediting information for TV broadcast can be found in the booklet of the CD or, for downloads, in the accompanying pdf file.

Please indicate the song or remix title on your cue sheet for the broadcast company. This information is included on each individual UniqueTracks CD collection in the Standard License Agreement. It is also included when you download an MP3.



Can I include some of your music in my company’s new promotional/gift CD?
Yes, you certainly may but doing so requires a special license from us. This type of usage is not covered by our Basic License Agreement.

We have had several customers release our music on company promo CDs. Popular choices for this seem to be our Christmas Carols sets and the Classical Masters Series collection.

Releasing our music tracks on a promotional CD produced by your company requires our “Mechanical Use” (also called Master Use) license.

Essentially this license grants you the ability to manufacture your own CDs using our music as sole or partial content.  The cost of a Mechanical Use License depends on two factors:

  1. The number of CDs you are going to manufacture
  2. The total combined time of the tracks you are licensing

The manufacturing component of the license is divided into tiers with an incremental fee structure.

Tier 1 -> 1 – 1,000 units
Tier 2 -> 1,001 – 2,500 units
Tier 3 -> 2,501 – 5,000 units
Tier 4 -> 5,001 – 10,000 units
Tier 5 -> 10,001 – 50,000 units
Tier 6 -> 50.001 – 75,000 units
Tier 7 -> 75,001 – 100,000 units
Tier 8 -> Greater than 100,000 units (unlimited)

You must credit the music to UniqueTracks when you release your CD product. This is a mandatory component of the Mechanical Use License.

We have done our best to make the Mechanical Use License affordable to all business types. If you are interested in using our music in this way, please call us toll-free (US/Canada) at 1-888-316-0971 Toll-Free or send us an email with your request.

We will be very happy to send a quote based on your requirements.