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Vagabond Charlie

The Little Tramp was Charlie Chaplin’s most famous character. This Dixieland track evokes those early silent movie days. The minor key of the music hints at the Depression Era with people overcoming strife keeping a positive...

The Real McCoy

An old-time honkey-tonk piano sets up The Real McCoy. Jazz trumpet then takes the lead creating a sophisticated, upbeat mood. A carefree, relaxed atmosphere...

The Great Gatsby

There is an elegant, dinner party, ballroom dance character to this track. Sophisticated, jazzy and all dressed up.  The Jazz Age, High Society, New Year’s Eve bash all comes to...

The Cat’s Meow

A joyous clarinet introduces this winning Dixieland track. The mood is light and carefree. Good things are bound to happen.

The Bee’s Knees

This retro Dixieland track from the Jazz Age of the 1920s creates a carefree, relaxed atmosphere. All smiles, not a care in the world is the mood here.


This track brings to mind the soundtrack from the movie The Sting. Ragtime and Dixieland create an upbeat and nostalgic atmosphere when used as underscore. This track will create a bright and engaging mood. It will keep their...

Sitting Pretty

The Jazz Age, the Charleston, flappers, and the Roaring 20s are all evoked by this uptempo Dixieland jazz track.

Second Line Strut

This Dixieland track evokes New Orleans and its party atmosphere. Good times and enjoyment abound.

Glad Rags

Upbeat and positive, Glad Rags evokes the Swing Age of the 1930s and 1940s. Optimism abounds and good times are ahead.

Dapper Dan

Powered by banjo, a tuba on bass, honky tonk piano and jazz clarinet and trumpet lead, this track creates a light-hearted, happy mood. Dixieland jazz style is great for retrospective images, to set a 1920s/30s period atmosphere. Dixieland also works well in...

Night of Infinite Possibilities

You’ll think you’re in a Woody Allen movie. It’s hard not to smile listening to this one. An old-time Dixieland jazz treatment of a catchy, happy-go-lucky melody. The mood is lighthearted and suggests the soundtrack style of Woody Allen and other...

1920s Charleston Jazz

Upbeat and fun.  Old time jazz in the style of the popular 1920s Charleston dance.  There are three versions of this theme featuring trumpet and clarinet and trombone. All three versions are included in the license...

Modern Jazz Trio

Multiple shades and textures, from introspective to intense this jazz trio album provides authentic jazz ingredients. The music on this jazz collection is introspective and impressionistic. These are primarily jazz songs which also draw in part upon hymns, folk music,...

Don Juan and Don Quixote

Don Juan and Don Quixote (Meet Their Fate In Brooklyn) begins with a meditative, confessional-type piano phrasing and develops into a slow tango. This song brings echoes of past adventures and memories to mind. The tune would work well with documentary footage or as...


Snowfall is a soft, introspective piece. The overall feelings portrayed are of affirmation with positive/spiritual overtones. The song begins with solo piano and then gradually the bass and drums creep in. The solo takes its time to develop gradually becoming more...