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Wild West, Cowboy

Soundtracks that evoke the Hollywood Western/Cowboy genre. Though there is some crossover with country and western music, these tracks are mostly meant as background music for wild west and cowboy themes.

Good Guys to the Rescue

Starts off with ominous orchestral texture that gives way to a triumphant, victorious theme. The calvary is here to save the day. There is a hint of the Star Wars soundtrack and also a touch of the classic NFL Films in the...

Homeward Bound

Great banjo playing creates a happy, festive mood. Uptempo country music makes for an upbeat celebration. A sense of release after a hard days work.

War Council

This short transition uses dark orchestral colors to create a serious and powerful action-adventure mood. This underscore could connect two scenes or it could be used as a scene...

Rough Riders

Classic wild west theme. Images of cowboys riding the range herding cattle come to mind. This track brings to mind the classic American “Marlboro Man” imagery that was featured in the old cigarette ads. There is a also tinge of old Mexico in the latter...

Over the Border

A soundtrack theme that creates the sound of the Cowboy or Western film genre. The track also has a strong Spanish feeling as well suggesting the deep southwest and...


Short military-styled orchestral transition with military drums. A walk to the gallows.

In Rides Clint

Sounds like a Spaghetti western movie soundtrack mixing with 1960s rock’n roll. Evokes the Marlboro Man, the cowboy and other rugged icons of American culture. This music will immediately set time and place or it can be used to create a parody working against...