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Video Game Music

Videos Gaming is so expansive that truthfully music from any category on our site could potentially fit a gaming project’s soundtrack. The selections in this category are either known to have been used in games (previously licensed) or they fit a gaming archetype (first-person shooter, role-playing game, racing). There is also a large selection of retro game music that emulates the 8-bit chipset of early 1980s computers like the Commodore 64 and the Atari 2600. These are the sounds of the Nintendo Game Boy and other legacy electronic arcade games. The tracks are a lot of fun, filled with the buzzing and blip sounds of the early video game age.


Nice floating ambient electronic textures.  A relaxing atmosphere is created.

Slow Zombies

You can see them, they’re coming towards you… Kitschy sendup of the approaching zombie apocalypse.

Magic Creatures

Magic Creatures evokes mystery and otherworldly visions. This would work well as game or app soundtrack. For the right project, this would work well as an advertising soundtrack as...

Dramatic Hero

The hero embarks on a quest for glory. Nice game or app soundtrack.

Dancing Knights

A courtly dance from the age of Kings. The melody is bright and upbeat.


This upbeat mix emulates the 8 bit chipset of early video game music (think Gameboy). This would make a great app or video game soundtrack. The track is bright and...


A light and fun take on Halloween. Otherworldly yes, but these are nice ghosts and nice goblins. The sounds are based on the 8 bit chipset of retro game consoles like Gameboy. Would make a great game or app...

Lotsa Love

A bouncy, quirky, unabashedly happy tune played by acoustic guitar with mandolin accompaniment. This sound is popular in TV advertising because of the playful, spontaneous vibe that’s...

Lady of the Lake

Music in a Medieval or Renaissance style but with a nice modern edge. This would make a great game soundtrack for the right project. The guitar plays the lead melody. Certain film scores from the late 1960s/early 1970s (The Graduate, Love Story) used this style as...

Fun Times

Great old-time stride piano style. Fun Times sounds like a silent movie soundtrack. Fun, upbeat and a little slapstick like a Laurel & Hardy, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin film. There’s also a touch of Paul McCartney Beatles-era tunes like Maxwell’s...

Best Friends

Nice and cozy with a slightly quirky feel. Light and carefree.

Skyline Metropolis

This bright and upbeat drum’n’ bass track makes a great underscore for images of fun, health and well-being.

One True Love

This drum’n’ bass track creates a positive and uplifting mood. Mellow synth washes and percolating electronic arpeggios combine to build a relaxed, refreshing texture. This will highlight technology footage, Internet marketing promos, or anywhere you need...


Hard-driving Drum’n’ Bass track mixes with a dreamy melody to create energy and excitement. Nice transitions from section to section. The track builds to an intense middle section with powerful drum’n’ bass...


Necromancy is an action adventure soundtrack with a tinge of middle-eastern flavoring. Ominous bass combines with a spacey theremin-type texture to create an otherworldly atmosphere. Suspense, Sci-Fi, Chase scenes would benefit from this drum’n’bass...