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TV Show Themes

This playlist features music soundtracks written in the style of TV show themes from the present and past. These are geared towards sitcom and drama programming.

Great Morning

Have a Great Morning.  Upbeat and optimistic, this track will put everyone in a receptive, positive mood. Great for advertising, promotional films, corporate presentations and video marketing...

Slow Zombies

You can see them, they’re coming towards you… Kitschy sendup of the approaching zombie apocalypse.

Run Away

With a nice rock groove and indie sound, this soundtrack evokes contemporary life, urban landscapes, and the world of high tech.

Remember Me

A beautiful, sensitive solo piano piece evoking solitude, romance, peace. (there is some very minimal string synth accompaniment, very lightly with the solo...

Olympic Games

Glory and Achievement, this track evokes hard work and moving towards a goal.

Magic Creatures

Magic Creatures evokes mystery and otherworldly visions. This would work well as game or app soundtrack. For the right project, this would work well as an advertising soundtrack as...


Energetic and catchy, this song makes a nice branding soundtrack or commercial ad spot.

Dancing Knights

A courtly dance from the age of Kings. The melody is bright and upbeat.

Right On Time

Right On Time creates an inspiring, can-do, success-oriented mood. A pleasant piano melody hovers above a medium tempo rock groove. Great for ads, promos, presentations or a new product...

Not A Care In the World

A good time vibe imbues this track with a smiling, happy energy.

Looking Up

A mellow, contemporary groove, Looking Up creates a positive, upbeat mood. Great for advertising, promotions, corporate news, slideshows and presentations.

Honestly Said

Honestly Said has a caring, nurturing mood. It is a soft, calm track with a pretty, understated melody played by electric guitar. Great for productions having to do with the...

Winter Nights With You

A happy, somewhat campy, wintertime feel is created here complete with added sleigh bells. The mood is carefree and light. It’s a holiday advertising...

Wherever You Are

There is a determined, searching quality to this track. A nice light groove coasts along beneath a subdued minor key melody played on guitar.

Waiting For Viktor

This track has a Balkan or Eastern European charm. There is maybe a hint of mystery here. The lead instrument is a Greek bouzouki or balalaika. It evokes movies like Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel. This is one of those quirky tracks that can work in many...