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Transitions & Intros

These are short music clips, most under 30 seconds, that can be used to tie scenes together or as introductions into new moments.

Big Brass Fanfare

A brass band march featuring all brass instruments – trumpets, trombones, horns, and tuba.  There are two different versions of the march.  The first has a military drum accompaniment and added winds (like a marching band or Sousa march).  The second is an...

Solo Trumpet Call

If you are familiar with the long-running TV show “CBS Sunday Morning”, you will know the power of the solo trumpet call as an introductory statement for a presentation. This is a similar trumpet call that could be used in productions with various dramatic...

Four Short Brass Fanfares

Four short brass fanfares that can be used in many different scoring situations; as introductions, stingers, announcements, as segment intros, or in dramatic situations, even as button clicks on multimedia...

Hollywood Fanfare

This introductory fanfare gets the Hollywood treatment. It will work well anywhere where you want to highlight achievement – presentations, logos, awards programming, special...

War Council

This short transition uses dark orchestral colors to create a serious and powerful action-adventure mood. This underscore could connect two scenes or it could be used as a scene...

Counting Time

Short transition features primarily piano and flute creating an uneasy, unsettling mood.

Jail Break

This short transition begins with intense orchestral chords to which an ominous melody from the horn/brass section is added. Intensity maintains right to the...

Kind of Comical

This short clip makes a light and funny transition between two scenes. Orchestral treatment is led by trombone and various reed instruments. There are two versions given in this...

Retro Suspense Theme

Short transition in the style of the Hollywood suspense/thriller genre. Great when used to connect to scenes.

Magic Moments

Sprites and fairies are conjured in this short transition. Orchestral treatment is led by strings and xylophone to create a light, positive mood.


Short military-styled orchestral transition with military drums. A walk to the gallows.

Final Fanfare

Big orchestral fanfare makes a great introduction or ending to a dramatic scene. This would also work well as music for a company logo.