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Thriller, Fear, Horror

Watch your back. These soundtracks create a feeling of fear. This is movie background music that would fit thriller, horror films.

Slow Zombies

You can see them, they’re coming towards you… Kitschy sendup of the approaching zombie apocalypse.

Black Ice

Dark, Intelligent Drum’n’Bass track powered by deep bass stabs and an ethereal texture. Breakbeat mayhem ensues as the track progresses. Makes a great underscore for a mysterious or haunted type of...

From the Shadows

From the Shadows evokes a haunting, ethereal quality. There is a tension to the track, like we are watching, waiting for something to happen. Time is ticking...

Escape from Sector 7

Escape from Sector 7 is an exciting theme best for thrill-seeking, action adventure, and Extreme sports footage. It also works well with suspenseful, secret agent-type material like chase scenes. The track is motored by rhythmic wah-wah guitar and a propulsive tom-tom...

Magic Sky

Magic Sky creates a mysterious, somewhat alien atmosphere. Sorcerers, magicians, haunted castles or deep dark forests come to mind. This soundtrack will help create an unsettling, edgy...


Deep bass and drums propel this Hip Hop track creating a mood that is uneasy, dangerous or threatening Burner makes a dramatic soundscape.


Old school hip hop track that gradually evolves into a dark and ominous presence. Brings out feelings of bravery, power or – going the other way – could accent fright,...


Warthog is more on the experimental side mixing speed metal textures with spacey, deranged (a la Omar Rodriguez-Lopez) lead guitar lines. This is a definite hardcore track that would satisfy as soundtrack for violent or aggressive...


Submerged and withdrawn, this track evokes the hidden depths, below the surface. An atmospheric track using eerie noises and heartbeat-like pumping bass, Subterranean creates an unknown, deserted, and forgotton world. This track could work for a serious or dark...


Gloomy and bleak, the surroundings are unknown and dark. This is the domain of the Creatures. Mostly atmospheric in quality without much melody, this track makes for a spooky, ghostly...

Dark Clouds

Dark Clouds foreshadows some dark prophesy or bad omen. The track blends ominous metallic noise with dark orchestral strings. An eerie piano melody highlights the spooky...

Out of the Ruins

Out of the Ruins creates a desolate and murky atmosphere. You find yourself alone, abandoned and scared. An eerie piano pattern adds to the strain. Great for horror film, thriller...


The hunter and his prey. A feeling of anxiety is created which works well in chase or suspenseful scenes, thriller or horror genres. The track is propelled forward by a series of low synth patterns which add to the feeling of...

Dark Forces

Dark Forces creates an evil presence. Death is haunting nearby. The track is mostly atmospheric sounds and low metallic hits. There is plenty of murk and haze. A truly frightening...

Vampire Bats

Arriving from the netherworld, flitting through the darkness come the Vampire Bats. Hazy and atmospheric, this track creates a sense of the underworld, the...