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The tracks featured here are geared towards suspense or sci-fi scenes where you are making the audience aware that something is wrong or something bad is about to happen. Plenty of apprehension and nervousness in the scoring of the music.

A Hero Comes

This drum-powered action adventure soundtrack creates a powerful atmosphere. World drums mix with quivering strings to create the suspenseful texture.  A drum-only mix is also...

Sly Cat

Mysterious and coy, this track creates a tentative, questioning atmosphere.

Run Away

With a nice rock groove and indie sound, this soundtrack evokes contemporary life, urban landscapes, and the world of high tech.


Necromancy is an action adventure soundtrack with a tinge of middle-eastern flavoring. Ominous bass combines with a spacey theremin-type texture to create an otherworldly atmosphere. Suspense, Sci-Fi, Chase scenes would benefit from this drum’n’bass...

Bushido Blade

Japanese koto and mysterious flutes float above an intense Drum’n’ Bass texture. There is a dreamy abstract quality to this underscore.

Black Ice

Dark, Intelligent Drum’n’Bass track powered by deep bass stabs and an ethereal texture. Breakbeat mayhem ensues as the track progresses. Makes a great underscore for a mysterious or haunted type of...


Arsenal is forceful and confident with a sense of action and purpose. A strong mood is created with big bass and sinuous synths winding through of the...

Mysterious Passage

This track is dark and mystical. It has a very impressionistic feel to it. The piece begins with low tones and gradually becomes a simple folk melody. The piano style is similar to classical music. This piece would work great with visuals of...

From the Shadows

From the Shadows evokes a haunting, ethereal quality. There is a tension to the track, like we are watching, waiting for something to happen. Time is ticking...

Escape from Sector 7

Escape from Sector 7 is an exciting theme best for thrill-seeking, action adventure, and Extreme sports footage. It also works well with suspenseful, secret agent-type material like chase scenes. The track is motored by rhythmic wah-wah guitar and a propulsive tom-tom...

Mystery Man

Mystery Man brings to mind the Pink Panther theme and other 60s caper movie soundtracks. A jazzy track using vibraphone and saxophone, this tune creates a light but suspenseful...

Mideast Travelogue

A distinct Middle Eastern mood is created by this soundtrack. Mid-Eastern instruments are highlighted and you really get a sense of walking the Moroccan bazaars or traveling through North Africa with this...

The Cover of Night

Nice guitar hook propels this track creating a somewhat mysterious, apprehensive presence. Though it is a mellow track, there is an eerie sense that something big is about to...

Your Move

Your Move makes a great soundtrack for scenes dealing with pursuit, lovers, nighttime and romance. The mood is somewhat dark with a feeling of escape, running away, also of meeting, being discovered,...

Magic Sky

Magic Sky creates a mysterious, somewhat alien atmosphere. Sorcerers, magicians, haunted castles or deep dark forests come to mind. This soundtrack will help create an unsettling, edgy...