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Surf Rock

These tracks are associated with the California beach and surfer movies of the early 1960s as well as the Dick Dale surf guitar style of playing (The song Wipe Out is perhaps the most famous and a good example of a surf rock track). Surf rock was generally all-instrumental with electric guitars as the lead voice. It’s good time music.

Surf City

Good Times, Easy Living, Happy

Surfs Up

Wild, Boogie, Party, Good Times

Surfin’ Turf

Makes a great retro detective or secret agent TV theme. Surfin Turf is written in the surf rock style of the old teenage beach party movies. The mood is serious, there is a sense of danger and apprehension about the track – this could be played straight or used...


Twistin’ is upbeat, energetic, straight-ahead rock and roll. The tempo is fast with guitar, organ and sax take turns with the melody. This song is in the style of the great Twist records by Chubby...

Wild Ones

Wild Ones is a kitschy send-up of 1960s beach party movies, surf music, and bikers with leather jackets. This surf guitar music style (invented by Dick Dale) was popularized in films like Quentin Tarentino’s Pulp...