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Sports Shows

A selection of high-energy production music tracks for the intensity of TV sports programming. The playlist includes Heavy Metal for contact sports footage but also triumphant and inspiring tracks for the thrill of victory.

Olympic Games

Glory and Achievement, this track evokes hard work and moving towards a goal.

Drive That Monster

Confident and strong. This rock soundtrack will add grit and energy to your project.

Reason To Believe

Reason To Believe creates an inspiring atmosphere with a purposeful, driven rock groove. Great for productions related to success, achievement and victory. Makes a great ad spot for a product release or corporate...


Hard, metal guitars power this high-energy rock track.


A melodic synth pattern combines with an aggressive Drum’n’ Bass groove to create a modern soundscape. A fast tempo, you get the feeling of speed/motion. Goes great with fast-cut footage of racing, athleticism, scientific graphics, neurons firing,...

Rock Club

Rock Club creates a strong and confident mood. The track has plenty of rough edges and gives off a bold, brash vibe. A Fender Rhodes electric piano melody plays the lead. Heavy guitars and drums drive the rhythm...

Cruisin’ for Action

Cruisin’ for Action is an upbeat, funky, and soulful construction kit. This track is reminiscent of 1970s TV themes (i.e. Charlie’s Angels, C.H.I.P.S.). Jazz guitar is the featured instrument. Piano and saxophone also play prominent roles in the...

Escape from Sector 7

Escape from Sector 7 is an exciting theme best for thrill-seeking, action adventure, and Extreme sports footage. It also works well with suspenseful, secret agent-type material like chase scenes. The track is motored by rhythmic wah-wah guitar and a propulsive tom-tom...

Express Delivery

Rock guitar riffing powers this high-energy track. The mood is winning and confident. Great for sports footage or ad promos that want to underscore achievement and...

Coming Attractions

Coming Attractions creates an upbeat and positive mood. A rock organ and driving bass beat create the main texture. This track is great to use when you need a little extra fire or pizzazz. It will hold their attention add energy and keep them in a good...

Victory Lap

Victory Lap is a determined and forceful rock soundtrack which creates a forceful and winning attitude. This track makes has an upbeat and positive mood. Nice guitar riff and solo...

Chequered Flag

Chequered Flag creates a strong, confident atmosphere. This track highlights determination, victory, achievement, sports and accomplishment.

Art of Winning

Rock guitar propels this upbeat and energetic soundtrack. The mood is confident and festive. Art of Winning works well in motivational corporate presentations, as sports underscore, or for high energy fitness...

Overcoming Obstacles

Rock guitar propels this track – the mood is thrilling and energetic. There is a sense of pushing one’s limits to new heights. Makes a great track for motivational and inspirational...

Team Building

Hard driving rock track featuring nice lead guitar. The mood is upbeat evoking power, confidence, strength, and purpose. Team Building makes a great underscore for corporate motivational presentations, sports visuals, or anywhere where a powerful, successful mood is...