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Solo Piano

Basic and versatile, solo piano music is a key element of every production’s toolkit. Solo piano music is a great choice to accompany your visuals. The piano’s neutral tone color will sit nicely in your background mix and solo piano tracks won’t interfere with dialogue or other sound production elements. With its wide dynamic range, the piano can be both soft and lyrical or strong and percussive. It is the perfect instrument to score many different dramatic situations. Its far-ranging flexibility has made piano music the constant choice of film composers when adding music to picture.

Remember Me

A beautiful, sensitive solo piano piece evoking solitude, romance, peace. (there is some very minimal string synth accompaniment, very lightly with the solo...

Love Me

Introspective and somewhat somber, this solo piano track evokes romance and longing. (there is some very, very minimal string accompaniment to the piano)

Jazz Love

Dramatic solo piano soundtrack evoking romance, solitude, introspection. Mellow and comforting.

Mysterious Passage

This track is dark and mystical. It has a very impressionistic feel to it. The piece begins with low tones and gradually becomes a simple folk melody. The piano style is similar to classical music. This piece would work great with visuals of...

Something You Said

This song sounds like an old jazz standard or show tune. There is a hopeful, yearning quality and a distinct jazz element to the performance. This track would also be great as cocktail piano background music in a...

From the Shadows

From the Shadows evokes a haunting, ethereal quality. There is a tension to the track, like we are watching, waiting for something to happen. Time is ticking...

The Immigrants

The Immigrants is a slow waltz. There is an overall melancholy feeling to the music. Imagine this music accompanying images of poverty, or old tenement houses. There is an ethnic quality to it as...

Simple Things

Simple Things is pretty and has a childlike, delicate quality to it. There is a tinge of Americana or classical music to its style. It evokes a warm, wistful feeling. The piece begins in the high register of the piano and gradually expands to cover the piano’s...

Poignant Vistas

Poignant Vistas is written in the style of classical piano music. Think Debussy or Sibelius. The song is meant to evoke a sense of awe as if you were looking at a beautiful landscape. There is a touch of mystery or melancholy to this pastoral...

Today’s the Day

This song is bluesy and rhythmic. The overall quality is determination and vitality. The track grooves along charged by a high impact middle section.

Fond Remembrance

Fond Remembrance evokes a glad, pleasant feeling. The melody is reminiscent of a Broadway song. It has a contented, happy quality to it.


Turnabout is a dreamy, dance-like piece for solo piano. Hopeful and comforting, there is a pondering, questioning sense to the music. This quiet piece makes a good intro theme for the right...

One Fine Day

Gospel piano style. There is a blues/rock influence too. The rhythmic drive gives off a sense of good times and celebration.

From the Past

This song evokes pastoral 1800’s Americana, Quaker hymns. A moral compass. Tis a gift to be simple, tis a gift to be free… Turn-of-the-century images, immigrants landing in New York. Tenement housing. A simple, evocative melody for solo piano. Great for...

N’est-ce pas

N’est-ce pas is jazzy and upbeat. The pace is quick and there is a purposeful, winning intent to the track.