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Sadness, Melancholy

The music here will help create a sad or depressing emotional atmosphere. The songs work well with somber or gloomy imagery. If there’s a moment in your script where things don’t turn out well for one character, these soundtracks can help underscore that point.


Dreamy, romantic, slowly evolving Pop music track with great vocal. Mellow, chill out vibe. Produced/ mixed by Lukas Termena with dynamic vocal by Angelica Borof. Label: Ecosystem Digital A very pretty vocal/piano mix is included as well.  In some soundtrack...

Good Friend

Sensitive and embracing.  This soundtrack evokes a dreamy, romantic world.  Great for heartfelt promotional projects or as an emotional film...

Remember Me

A beautiful, sensitive solo piano piece evoking solitude, romance, peace. (there is some very minimal string synth accompaniment, very lightly with the solo...

Jazz Love

Dramatic solo piano soundtrack evoking romance, solitude, introspection. Mellow and comforting.

Don Juan and Don Quixote

Don Juan and Don Quixote (Meet Their Fate In Brooklyn) begins with a meditative, confessional-type piano phrasing and develops into a slow tango. This song brings echoes of past adventures and memories to mind. The tune would work well with documentary footage or as...


Snowfall is a soft, introspective piece. The overall feelings portrayed are of affirmation with positive/spiritual overtones. The song begins with solo piano and then gradually the bass and drums creep in. The solo takes its time to develop gradually becoming more...

Last Dance of Fading Memories

Somewhat dark and ethereal, this song will work well with images of nature, nighttime or any moment that is otherworldly and needs a special ambiance. The musicians employ various special techniques on their instruments and a wooden flute creeps into the texture from...

Midnight Epiphany

Midnight Epiphany is an introspective song that uses a prayerful hymn-like theme as its main thrust. The hymn theme alternates with an impressionistic, shimmering texture. Tranquil images come to mind suggesting rainy days, inner contemplation, and meditation. There...

From the Shadows

From the Shadows evokes a haunting, ethereal quality. There is a tension to the track, like we are watching, waiting for something to happen. Time is ticking...

The Immigrants

The Immigrants is a slow waltz. There is an overall melancholy feeling to the music. Imagine this music accompanying images of poverty, or old tenement houses. There is an ethnic quality to it as...

Poignant Vistas

Poignant Vistas is written in the style of classical piano music. Think Debussy or Sibelius. The song is meant to evoke a sense of awe as if you were looking at a beautiful landscape. There is a touch of mystery or melancholy to this pastoral...

Midnight Meeting

This dreamy piano track creates a mysterious, evocative underscore. The sound is soft, intimate with a searching quality. Its rhythmic drive is insistent and...

Amour Ce Soir

This song sounds like it was lifted right out of a 1960’s French romantic comedy. Love, romance, passion with a distinctly European flair.

Leaving Today

This solo piano ballad creates a poignant, intimate portrait. In the style of songs like Desperado by the Eagles. It has that slow rock/Country Music feel. The feelings are heartfelt and...

Quiet Journey

Quiet Journey is a soft, meditative piece. New Age piano fans will enjoy the introspective quality of this composition.