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R&B, Funk & Soul

These tracks draw upon African-American popular music genres established in the mid-late 1960s and developed through to this day. There is a decidedly retro sound to a lot of the music here.


Dreamy, romantic, slowly evolving Pop music track with great vocal. Mellow, chill out vibe. Produced/ mixed by Lukas Termena with dynamic vocal by Angelica Borof. Label: Ecosystem Digital A very pretty vocal/piano mix is included as well.  In some soundtrack...

The Emerald Lounge

A funky and relaxed opening texture gradually gives way to an uptempo drum’n’ bass groove. There is a spacey, jazzy feel to this track with echoes of 1970s electric jazz...

Celebration Day

Celebration Day is high-energy good time music. Funky jazz and Latin rhythms combine to form an intoxicating groove. The feelings are of excitement and...

New Old School

New Old School is a jazzy Hip Hop track with melodies by trombone and electric piano. Its bold textures evoke feelings of confidence, strength, winning on a sure...

Mellow D

Mellow D is light, jazzy and cool. It begins with a short orchestral string introduction followed by a bass groove that powers the track. It evokes big city, hot summer imagery. This track features soft and soulful female vocals. A Herbie Hancock-like electric piano...

Cruisin’ for Action

Cruisin’ for Action is an upbeat, funky, and soulful construction kit. This track is reminiscent of 1970s TV themes (i.e. Charlie’s Angels, C.H.I.P.S.). Jazz guitar is the featured instrument. Piano and saxophone also play prominent roles in the...

Cool With It

Cool With It has a jazzy, relaxed feel and a kind of retro-1970’s groove to it. It features a bluesy hollow-body guitar lead melody. The style is funky with an acid jazz...

House Party

House Party is an upbeat rhythm and blues song. This track is in the style of the early 60s instrumental soul records (like those by Ramsey Lewis for instance). Piano and a very funky organ play the melodies. The mood is happy – a good-time feel...

The Right Mindset

A funky beat and R&B styling give this track an upbeat and positive vibe. Works well with promos and productions that need soundtrack to provide an optimistic and encouraging...

Chasin’ A Dream

Chasin A Dream is focused on success and generates confidence and determination. The track is powered by an aggressive bassline and funky synths. Self-assured and...

Roommate Throws A Party

Funky groove sets up an upbeat party atmosphere creating a sophisticated city/urban mood. Enjoying summer nightlife with friends comes to mind.

Little Phatty

Little Phatty uses an in-the-pocket drum groove to create a rollicking and joyful mood. The atmosphere is heightened with bold brass hits and funky guitars.


Playtime is lighthearted and out for a good time. It’s got a bit of a retro sound which helps create a tongue-in-cheek, silly or giddy type of mood. As soundtrack it will establish a bit of fun and an easygoing...

A Little Closer

A Little Closer is a minimal, mostly atmospheric mix, driven by a funky drum pattern. A light, effervescent melody percolates through a soft string texture while a breathy female vocal sings softly above. Guitar contributes energy as the track unwinds. When you...

Red Cat

A big band arrangement in a old-time funky lounge style, Red Cat brings a retro, jazz element to your work.