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Retro Hollywood

The music here is written in the style of movie soundtracks from the 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s. Lush and orchestral with real instruments and no use of electronics.

Remember Me

A beautiful, sensitive solo piano piece evoking solitude, romance, peace. (there is some very minimal string synth accompaniment, very lightly with the solo...

Amour Ce Soir

This song sounds like it was lifted right out of a 1960’s French romantic comedy. Love, romance, passion with a distinctly European flair.


Mediterranean evokes glistening beaches, warm sand and long summers. A joyous and light-hearted bossa nova that will add a sunny atmosphere to any scene. Female vocals and acoustic guitar lead the...


You’ll think you’re in a film with Brigitte Bardot circa 1966. This bright and charismatic lounge track features an alluring vocal melody and creates a 60s-era caricature or bit of kitsch. The overwhelmingly good-natured groove makes a great opening theme...

The Sherlock Holmes Plot

Masterful suspense music with big movie studio orchestrations reflecting the dangerous deeds of a dashing crime fighter.

The Pyramids

Major motion picture style epic music in the tradition of the soundtracks to Lawrence Of Arabia, The Wind And The Lion and Ben-Hur. Masterful orchestrations paint an ornate musical tapestry of Arabian...

North by Northeast

Sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock movie score. Enjoy a phenomenal orchestral tapestry inspired by the extraordinary motion picture score to North by Northwest. This track draws from the orchestral style of the great film composer Bernard Hermann. It seeks to emulate the...