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PSA & Documentary

Dramatic, soothing, emotional – this playlist includes tracks meant to sway the emotions. We included tracks that would work well as underscore in PSAs or certain documentary themes.

Great Morning

Have a Great Morning.  Upbeat and optimistic, this track will put everyone in a receptive, positive mood. Great for advertising, promotional films, corporate presentations and video marketing...

Good Friend

Sensitive and embracing.  This soundtrack evokes a dreamy, romantic world.  Great for heartfelt promotional projects or as an emotional film...

Sly Cat

Mysterious and coy, this track creates a tentative, questioning atmosphere.

Near the Ocean

Relaxing and happy, this track will create an upbeat, light, refreshing atmosphere.


Energetic and catchy, this song makes a nice branding soundtrack or commercial ad spot.

Morning News

Morning News gets the blood moving with an energetic rhythmic pattern played on guitar and synth. The mood is upbeat and light. Great for news, Powerpoints, advertising, product releases and other...

Belief System

Motion is created using a percolating synth background. Belief System will work well as underscore for news broadcasts, corporate film, commercials or new product videos. The overall energy is positive and...

With Glad Hearts

Heartfelt and sincere, this melody, played on guitar, creates a moving and emotional mood. Great for retrospective slideshows and presentations.

Wherever You Are

There is a determined, searching quality to this track. A nice light groove coasts along beneath a subdued minor key melody played on guitar.

Feeling Fine

Happy and carefree, this track creates a joyous, upbeat atmosphere. Bouncy rhythm led by acoustic guitar.

Best Friends

Nice and cozy with a slightly quirky feel. Light and carefree.

Enter the Temple

Temple Gates creates a grand and expansive mood. Wood flutes and rich strings combine to create a pastoral, wide-angle effect. As underscore this track would work well with images of nature, Africa, documentary-style...

Bouzouki Groove

Relaxing, thoughtful piece that coasts along on a bubbling electronica texture. Melody is light played by a Greek instrument known as a bouzouki. There is a nice, minimalist feel to this track. Soundtrack options are many as this music will fit multiple...


There’s a feeling of motion with this track. Dimension would work well with time-lapse imagery or photography. There’s an idea of travel or forward energy. Footage of building or moving mechanical parts would benefit from this...

From the Shadows

From the Shadows evokes a haunting, ethereal quality. There is a tension to the track, like we are watching, waiting for something to happen. Time is ticking...