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Pastoral, Rustic, Nature

These are great tracks to accompany imagery of the outdoors. Landscapes, forest paths, babbling brooks – all types of nature. There is a placid, honest quality to this music.

Destiny of a Hero

Ethereal soundtrack creates a great ambient background.

Forest Ritual

World beat feature with driving drum patterns. Creates a primordial atmosphere.


World drums create a determined, energetic soundscape.

Irish Breeze

Upbeat and joyful texture using Harp and orchestral strings.

Japanese Theater

Japanese koto and similar instruments create an open theatrical texture.

Koto Improvisation

Nice flowing koto piece evokes Japan and its many cultural treasures.

Land of the Rising Sun

Koto and similar world instruments create a peaceful, relaxed vibe.

Great Morning

Have a Great Morning.  Upbeat and optimistic, this track will put everyone in a receptive, positive mood. Great for advertising, promotional films, corporate presentations and video marketing...

Dancing Knights

A courtly dance from the age of Kings. The melody is bright and upbeat.

With Glad Hearts

Heartfelt and sincere, this melody, played on guitar, creates a moving and emotional mood. Great for retrospective slideshows and presentations.

Lady of the Lake

Music in a Medieval or Renaissance style but with a nice modern edge. This would make a great game soundtrack for the right project. The guitar plays the lead melody. Certain film scores from the late 1960s/early 1970s (The Graduate, Love Story) used this style as...

Gregorian Dreams

The grandeur of Gregorian Dreams is great to underscore majestic visuals like mountains peaks or awe-inspiring vistas. Wood flutes combine with a background choir to drive this enchanting world music...

Enter the Temple

Temple Gates creates a grand and expansive mood. Wood flutes and rich strings combine to create a pastoral, wide-angle effect. As underscore this track would work well with images of nature, Africa, documentary-style...


Snowfall is a soft, introspective piece. The overall feelings portrayed are of affirmation with positive/spiritual overtones. The song begins with solo piano and then gradually the bass and drums creep in. The solo takes its time to develop gradually becoming more...

Poignant Vistas

Poignant Vistas is written in the style of classical piano music. Think Debussy or Sibelius. The song is meant to evoke a sense of awe as if you were looking at a beautiful landscape. There is a touch of mystery or melancholy to this pastoral...