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News & Politics

These soundtracks are appropriate for news segments, TV news, and political documentary specials. Corporate news, announcements or product release promos could also benefit from these tracks.

Gladiator’s Coliseum

Powerful action adventure soundtrack. Great for movie trailer usage as well.

Morning News

Morning News gets the blood moving with an energetic rhythmic pattern played on guitar and synth. The mood is upbeat and light. Great for news, Powerpoints, advertising, product releases and other...

Doin’ It Right

Doin’ It Right has a relaxed, laidback rock feel. This track would work well in productions that want to create a positive feeling of success and accomplishment. makes a good corporate video or product release, promo/advertising...

Belief System

Motion is created using a percolating synth background. Belief System will work well as underscore for news broadcasts, corporate film, commercials or new product videos. The overall energy is positive and...

From the Past

This song evokes pastoral 1800’s Americana, Quaker hymns. A moral compass. Tis a gift to be simple, tis a gift to be free… Turn-of-the-century images, immigrants landing in New York. Tenement housing. A simple, evocative melody for solo piano. Great for...

Good News!

Good News! evokes achievement and inspiration. A bit campy, the tuneful alto sax melody gives the piece a happy, uplifting quality. Great for Corporate...

Power And Glory

Power and Glory creates a victorious and winning mood. As movie score, it’s a great soundtrack for the final scene. It celebrates achievement and...

Media Market

Media Market is great for establishing a feeling of determination. Great as an underscore for visuals showing work, machines, corporate problem-solving, the 9-to-5 commute, Internet communications, technology,...

Bumper – News Theme

An urgent tone underlies this news theme. It targets broadcast news, political or informational programming. A bumper is similar to a stinger in that it is used to transition between two scenes or segments in radio or TV but a bumper is generally a longer duration...

Bumper – Enjoyment 1

An opening theme or bumper for a TV show, radio program or podcast featuring roundtable discussion, political interviews, city scene report, entertainment, chat, scientific perspective, etc. The mood is upbeat, relaxed, and positive. A bumper is similar to a stinger...

TV News Report

This theme targets news programming. It is propelled forward by a light Techno beat creating a mood of excitement that grabs attention. In addition to News programming, this track would also work well with financial, political, corporate, light chat and technology...

The Hard News

The Hard News makes great theme music for a news-oriented broadcast or web production. There is a sense of urgency and impending excitement that draws the listener in and demands attention. Other applications would include financial, political, corporate, or...

Special Bulletin

With an insistent bass and rhythm groove, Special Bulletin creates a sense of urgency and importance. This track will work well for news, financial, political or corporate...

News Crawl

News Crawl evokes a sense of purpose and drive that makes it great for news programming. It would work well as documentary theme, kiosk background or lower third message crawl. TV theme music, it has also been used as anime...

Investigative Report

With a somewhat ominous presence, Investigative Report creates a sense of caution or warning. It sounds like the type of soundtrack used by CNN or other news sources when a major national or international story breaks. It would work well for special reports geared...