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New Age, Meditative

These are primarily slow evolving, soothing tracks made to create a relaxed, stress-free atmosphere. There is also a spiritual, inspiring quality to these songs.

Enchanted Forest

This energetic world music soundtrack creates an uplifting presence.

Japanese Theater

Japanese koto and similar instruments create an open theatrical texture.

Koto Improvisation

Nice flowing koto piece evokes Japan and its many cultural treasures.

Origami Forest

World instruments create a relaxed, ethereal atmosphere.

Shaman Ceremony

Ancient rituals around the night fire, prayers to the gods, respect for mother nature… These images are evoked by this otherworldly soundtrack.

Dancing Knights

A courtly dance from the age of Kings. The melody is bright and upbeat.

Lady of the Lake

Music in a Medieval or Renaissance style but with a nice modern edge. This would make a great game soundtrack for the right project. The guitar plays the lead melody. Certain film scores from the late 1960s/early 1970s (The Graduate, Love Story) used this style as...


Meditative and calming. Soothing vocals and a touch of Indian sitar create a chilled out, new age texture. This track can be looped for an extended sonic wallpaper effect. For example, use it as an underscore for a guided self-help program or meditation. An included...

Gregorian Dreams

The grandeur of Gregorian Dreams is great to underscore majestic visuals like mountains peaks or awe-inspiring vistas. Wood flutes combine with a background choir to drive this enchanting world music...

Enter the Temple

Temple Gates creates a grand and expansive mood. Wood flutes and rich strings combine to create a pastoral, wide-angle effect. As underscore this track would work well with images of nature, Africa, documentary-style...

Bouzouki Groove

Relaxing, thoughtful piece that coasts along on a bubbling electronica texture. Melody is light played by a Greek instrument known as a bouzouki. There is a nice, minimalist feel to this track. Soundtrack options are many as this music will fit multiple...

Winds of Change

There is a sense of mystery about this track with a hopeful resolution. Wood flutes and world instruments help create the ethereal quality. Beautiful vocal by Jillian Aversa. An instrumental mix of this track is also included in the download (vocal...

Don Juan and Don Quixote

Don Juan and Don Quixote (Meet Their Fate In Brooklyn) begins with a meditative, confessional-type piano phrasing and develops into a slow tango. This song brings echoes of past adventures and memories to mind. The tune would work well with documentary footage or as...


Snowfall is a soft, introspective piece. The overall feelings portrayed are of affirmation with positive/spiritual overtones. The song begins with solo piano and then gradually the bass and drums creep in. The solo takes its time to develop gradually becoming more...

Last Dance of Fading Memories

Somewhat dark and ethereal, this song will work well with images of nature, nighttime or any moment that is otherworldly and needs a special ambiance. The musicians employ various special techniques on their instruments and a wooden flute creeps into the texture from...