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Mysterious, Haunted

The music in this category ranges from complete horror/thriller tracks to more ethereal tracks that evoke a sense of otherworldliness or mystery. Great for use as background music for Halloween, horror films or for any mysterious, haunted project.

Desert Mirage

Flute soars above a Middle Eastern-tinged world soundtrack.

Origami Forest

World instruments create a relaxed, ethereal atmosphere.

Sly Cat

Mysterious and coy, this track creates a tentative, questioning atmosphere.

Slow Zombies

You can see them, they’re coming towards you… Kitschy sendup of the approaching zombie apocalypse.

Run Away

With a nice rock groove and indie sound, this soundtrack evokes contemporary life, urban landscapes, and the world of high tech.

Magic Creatures

Magic Creatures evokes mystery and otherworldly visions. This would work well as game or app soundtrack. For the right project, this would work well as an advertising soundtrack as...

Dramatic Hero

The hero embarks on a quest for glory. Nice game or app soundtrack.


A light and fun take on Halloween. Otherworldly yes, but these are nice ghosts and nice goblins. The sounds are based on the 8 bit chipset of retro game consoles like Gameboy. Would make a great game or app...

Lady of the Lake

Music in a Medieval or Renaissance style but with a nice modern edge. This would make a great game soundtrack for the right project. The guitar plays the lead melody. Certain film scores from the late 1960s/early 1970s (The Graduate, Love Story) used this style as...

Star Trails

Mellow and relaxed, Star Trails creates a carefree, easy-going mood. Warm synth washes with a medium breakbeat (DnB) groove make an inviting, dreamy atmosphere.

Bushido Blade

Japanese koto and mysterious flutes float above an intense Drum’n’ Bass texture. There is a dreamy abstract quality to this underscore.

Black Ice

Dark, Intelligent Drum’n’Bass track powered by deep bass stabs and an ethereal texture. Breakbeat mayhem ensues as the track progresses. Makes a great underscore for a mysterious or haunted type of...

Enter the Temple

Temple Gates creates a grand and expansive mood. Wood flutes and rich strings combine to create a pastoral, wide-angle effect. As underscore this track would work well with images of nature, Africa, documentary-style...

Red July

Red July features a haunting wood flute to present the main melody. The mood is soothing and relaxed. There is a quiet beauty to the track. Inspiring vocal by Jillian Aversa. An alternate instrumental-only version of this track (vocal is removed) is also provided with...

Winds of Change

There is a sense of mystery about this track with a hopeful resolution. Wood flutes and world instruments help create the ethereal quality. Beautiful vocal by Jillian Aversa. An instrumental mix of this track is also included in the download (vocal...