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Movie Trailer

The tracks here create energy quickly. Percussive and hard hitting, the majority of these tracks are in the style of large Hollywood Action Adventure trailers. There are some more romantic, cinematic tracks as well.

Grand Army

A massive show of strength, Grand Army portrays the arriving legions. Fans of movies like Gladiator and Braveheart will instantly recognize this style of movie score. Orchestral horns and strings accompany an eerie choir texture. This soundtrack takes inspiration from...

Big Hollywood Theme (Overture)

This lush film soundtrack in the style of the Hollywood films of the late 60s and 1970s will help set time and place.  It’s a grand and inspiring overture with big emotion. The track makes a great first impression for the big event or...

A Hero Comes

This drum-powered action adventure soundtrack creates a powerful atmosphere. World drums mix with quivering strings to create the suspenseful texture.  A drum-only mix is also...

Over the Border

A soundtrack theme that creates the sound of the Cowboy or Western film genre. The track also has a strong Spanish feeling as well suggesting the deep southwest and...

Gladiator’s Coliseum

Powerful action adventure soundtrack. Great for movie trailer usage as well.

In Rides Clint

Sounds like a Spaghetti western movie soundtrack mixing with 1960s rock’n roll. Evokes the Marlboro Man, the cowboy and other rugged icons of American culture. This music will immediately set time and place or it can be used to create a parody working against...

Prepare to Attack

Orchestral horns and strings dominate the texture. The mood is dark and foreboding. Something is about to happen. Great track for building suspense or forshadowing some dramatic plot...