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Lounge & Cocktail

Lounge music evokes the Madmen era of the early/ mid-1960s bachelor pad. The sound is generally upbeat and light using jazz elements mixed with pop sounds of the time. There is definitely a retro quality to these tracks. There is also a little bit of kitsch as elements of Hawaiian and Latin dance crazes (mambo, bossa nova, cha-cha) crept into the sound. Lounge music can also evoke easy-listening or “canned music” (muzak) which was meant to act as a type of sonic wallpaper in hotels, casinos or other public spaces. We have also included a few modern tracks that use the lounge vibe to create an updated take on the bachelor pad.

Drum and Bossa

Drum and Bossa combines bossa nova rhythms with breakbeat grooves. Happy and carefree, it borrows from a retro 70s vibe, updating it with EDM flavorings. Positive and light, great for those occasions where you want to create an upbeat...

Something You Said

This song sounds like an old jazz standard or show tune. There is a hopeful, yearning quality and a distinct jazz element to the performance. This track would also be great as cocktail piano background music in a...

House Party

House Party is an upbeat rhythm and blues song. This track is in the style of the early 60s instrumental soul records (like those by Ramsey Lewis for instance). Piano and a very funky organ play the melodies. The mood is happy – a good-time feel...

Good Time Hour

Mid-60s Motown vibe creates a retro party atmosphere. Nice sax solo. This track is in the style of the early R&B bands. Melody is played by organ and guitar and an upbeat sax solo contributes to the party...

Moon Over Maui

It’s fun and kitschy and brings back the Tiki Bar. This track celebrates that moment in American culture when all things Hawaiian were the rage (about 1959 through 1962). A great lounge tune – it has a lilting, gentle feel to it with a relaxing melody. You...

Spy Game

Spy Game recalls the caper/slapstick movie genre popular in the 1960s. These films were light comedies with an improbable espionage plot (like Pink Panther or the Beatles movie Help!). This track will lend a touch of tongue-in-cheek and humor when used under similar...


Mexicali is written in the style of the Tijuana Brass hits of the mid-60s. It’s easy listening instrumental pop music with a Latin flavor. There is a James Bond or secret agent element to this track as...

Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy has a cool, swinging jazz feel to it. The track builds when strings are added to the main melody creating a feel-good track with lots of clever writing in the...

Mystery Man

Mystery Man brings to mind the Pink Panther theme and other 60s caper movie soundtracks. A jazzy track using vibraphone and saxophone, this tune creates a light but suspenseful...

Mr. Big

Mr Big portrays confidence and has a little swagger to it. It brings the great organ lounges of the 60s to mind. A great backbeat groove with a gospel feel, check out Mr....

Maraschino Cherry

This Rat Pack Era tune features a sexy trumpet intro that brings to mind early 60s night club life, the Copacabana Club and dancing. Images of Las Vegas casinos come to mind as well. Great trumpet playing in this one. If you need to add a bit of pizzazz to your...

Happy Hour

A relaxed Bossa Nova that sets a retro lounge mood. Work’s over, it’s cocktail time! Use this track to add a carefree, mellow vibe to your...

Shag Party

Shag Party is a quirky Mid-60s throwback – kitschy, like Austin Powers – “Shag Baby!” It’s fun, danceable, and upbeat and makes for a great game soundtrack. Austin Powers notwithstanding, the word SHAG refers to a popular 60s dance,...

Good Vibes

On Good Vibes, the band plays cool and jazzy. This track has a classy, self-assured attitude. It would work well with anything casual or relaxed – browsing or shopping – for...

Evening Dress

Evening Dress evokes the sensual, sophisticated music of artists like Sade. On this track the melody is played by guitar and saxophone. Strings are added to give the track a romantic...