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Jazz - Mainstream

The jazz recordings here are primarily acoustic music (non-electronic) tracks performed in today’s jazz styles. This style’s time period would be from the 1950s to the present – the era of great musicians like Miles Davis and Bill Evans.

Don Juan and Don Quixote

Don Juan and Don Quixote (Meet Their Fate In Brooklyn) begins with a meditative, confessional-type piano phrasing and develops into a slow tango. This song brings echoes of past adventures and memories to mind. The tune would work well with documentary footage or as...


Snowfall is a soft, introspective piece. The overall feelings portrayed are of affirmation with positive/spiritual overtones. The song begins with solo piano and then gradually the bass and drums creep in. The solo takes its time to develop gradually becoming more...

Drinking from the Golden Cup

This song has a grand, majestic theme. The classical-like theme is first stated in the piano and then expanded upon in several variations. The overall mood is insistent and...

Last Dance of Fading Memories

Somewhat dark and ethereal, this song will work well with images of nature, nighttime or any moment that is otherworldly and needs a special ambiance. The musicians employ various special techniques on their instruments and a wooden flute creeps into the texture from...

Meet Me in the Playground

Meet Me in the Playground begins with a solo in the bass and then develops into a type of children’s round with bass and piano echoing each other with a singsong musical phrase. The feeling is playful and elegant with plenty of melodic variation. The song moves...

Midnight Epiphany

Midnight Epiphany is an introspective song that uses a prayerful hymn-like theme as its main thrust. The hymn theme alternates with an impressionistic, shimmering texture. Tranquil images come to mind suggesting rainy days, inner contemplation, and meditation. There...

The Common Wealth

After a short drum introduction, The Common Wealth begins to state its main theme. The song then moves to a moderate groove for the piano solo and soon advances to a very uptempo swing. Uses for this song could range from animation underscore to images of evening...

Always Know the Way Home

Based on an old time, funky back beat and bass line, Always Know the Way Home is a catchy, playful and happy tune. This underscore would work well with images of street scenes or isolation footage of one particular character doing an action. The band takes the tune...

Mellow D

Mellow D is light, jazzy and cool. It begins with a short orchestral string introduction followed by a bass groove that powers the track. It evokes big city, hot summer imagery. This track features soft and soulful female vocals. A Herbie Hancock-like electric piano...

Something You Said

This song sounds like an old jazz standard or show tune. There is a hopeful, yearning quality and a distinct jazz element to the performance. This track would also be great as cocktail piano background music in a...

N’est-ce pas

N’est-ce pas is jazzy and upbeat. The pace is quick and there is a purposeful, winning intent to the track.

Cool With It

Cool With It has a jazzy, relaxed feel and a kind of retro-1970’s groove to it. It features a bluesy hollow-body guitar lead melody. The style is funky with an acid jazz...

The Right Reasons

The Right Reasons has a determined and purposeful sound. The mood is confident yet relaxed. A pretty melodic hook is created with flute/string textures. Drums provide a funky...

Red Cat

A big band arrangement in a old-time funky lounge style, Red Cat brings a retro, jazz element to your work.

Slow Dance

Slow Dance uses a big band arrangement, led by trombone melody, to create a jazzy, lounge mix.