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Hopeful, Comforting

This music radiates a sense of warmth and sincerity. As background music, these tracks will create a hopeful, comforting atmosphere in your project.


Dreamy, romantic, slowly evolving Pop music track with great vocal. Mellow, chill out vibe. Produced/ mixed by Lukas Termena with dynamic vocal by Angelica Borof. Label: Ecosystem Digital A very pretty vocal/piano mix is included as well.  In some soundtrack...


Majestic, romantic chill out track slowly builds to a beautiful conclusion. Soothing and romantic (cool down fitness). Artist: Lukas Termena featuring inspired vocal by Angelica...

City Sense

A Deep House track with a dreamy, ethereal vibe. Relaxed and upbeat Label: Ecosystem Digital, Artist: Dimitris Manasidis

Deep Energy

A Deep House track with a relaxing, upbeat presence. Pleasure, Sensual, Vacation, Good Time Label: Ecosystem Digital, Artist: Dimitris Athanasiou

Koto Improvisation

Nice flowing koto piece evokes Japan and its many cultural treasures.

Great Morning

Have a Great Morning.  Upbeat and optimistic, this track will put everyone in a receptive, positive mood. Great for advertising, promotional films, corporate presentations and video marketing...

Good Friend

Sensitive and embracing.  This soundtrack evokes a dreamy, romantic world.  Great for heartfelt promotional projects or as an emotional film...

Love Me

Introspective and somewhat somber, this solo piano track evokes romance and longing. (there is some very, very minimal string accompaniment to the piano)

Jazz Love

Dramatic solo piano soundtrack evoking romance, solitude, introspection. Mellow and comforting.


Energetic and catchy, this song makes a nice branding soundtrack or commercial ad spot.

Honestly Said

Honestly Said has a caring, nurturing mood. It is a soft, calm track with a pretty, understated melody played by electric guitar. Great for productions having to do with the...

With Glad Hearts

Heartfelt and sincere, this melody, played on guitar, creates a moving and emotional mood. Great for retrospective slideshows and presentations.

Winter Nights With You

A happy, somewhat campy, wintertime feel is created here complete with added sleigh bells. The mood is carefree and light. It’s a holiday advertising...

Wherever You Are

There is a determined, searching quality to this track. A nice light groove coasts along beneath a subdued minor key melody played on guitar.

Hard Work Pays Off

Achievement-oriented track that creates a determined and positive mood. Nice use of mandolin here creates a bright and winning texture.