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Heavy Metal

This playlist features explosive metal tracks. There’s plenty of power-riffing with a focus on thunderous guitars weighted heavily towards high-energy, aggression and a swaggering, confident attitude. Includes early Black Sabbath-like early metal, Megadeath Black Metal and 1990s Metal in the style of Metallica.


Hard, metal guitars power this high-energy rock track.

Agent Uri

Agent Uri is propelled by driving, heavy-metal guitar riffs. This full length theme, dominated by power-chord riffs, emphasizes action, adventure and strength. The song begins with an ominous low swirling, then the band kicks in. The middle section uses a background...


Warthog is more on the experimental side mixing speed metal textures with spacey, deranged (a la Omar Rodriguez-Lopez) lead guitar lines. This is a definite hardcore track that would satisfy as soundtrack for violent or aggressive...

Realm Runner

Realm Runner brings an aggressive, very much in-your-face heavy metal guitar sound to create an atmosphere of high-energy, speed and force. This track works great as underscore in competitive sports, military or any high-testosterone subject...

Road Tested

Road Tested reminds one of the hard-bitten, experienced loner that comes to town. There is a bold swagger to this track. The feeling is of strength, power but also a type of inner-knowledge or...

Stealth Fighter

Power, defiance, courage. Stealth Fighter rides these emotions creating a bold guitar-heavy track. The texture is lified by a background synth pattern lightly mixed into the...

Pile Up

The sound is hard-edged and tough. Pile Up brings a balls-to-the-wall guitar sound with a definite feeling of daring, adventure and guts. A niice melodic hook on the chorus makes for a very usable...


Thunderous rock guitars go for broke. An aggressive riff-driven sound with a winning melodic hook in the chorus. Victorious music great for sports footage or any type of conflict/resolution...

Formula One

High-Energy Rock track with a great guitar riff. Catchy melodic hook in the chorus. The texture is accented by a light background electronic synth effect. Guaranteed to bring excitement to any soundtrack...

Blow Torch

Blow Torch brings destruction and carnage. The grim reaper appears. Powered by low-chugging fuzzed guitars this track creates a savage and lethal mood.

Speed Demons

Rock and roll boogie, Speed Demons lights up the road with swagger and a fierce intensity. This is a good-time, no-holds-barred, Saturday night, on-the-loose, thrill ride. Simply put, Speed Demons will put your soundtrack into...

Under Fire

Heavy metal guitars create a serious, hell-bent attitude. Melody is augmented by quivering synths and strings. A huge, towering mix brings energy and power to your...


Heavy Metal guitars dominate this wildly aggressive track. There’s no mistaking the meaning here. This track brings the balls-to-the-wall metal attitude. Perfect for extreme sports and action...

No Sleep

Metal guitar riffing and a massive, rough sound propel this track. No Sleep adds a brickwall of sound creating rugged and powerful soundtrack.

Close One

Boldness and determination are highlighted in Close One. A synth melody plays above a completely smoking rock riff. The guitars here are really gorgeous. As soundtrack, this song brings out a mood of fearlessness, drive,...