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Goodness, Happy

Meant to put a smile on your face, the music here is upbeat, with a medium tempo, that will brighten spirits and underscore positive messaging.

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Deep House chill out groove by Paul2Paul. Great for use in fashion projects. Also as a cool down exercise/dance videos. Relaxed upbeat vibe all around. Label: Ecosystem Digital, Artist:...


Majestic, romantic chill out track slowly builds to a beautiful conclusion. Soothing and romantic (cool down fitness). Artist: Lukas Termena featuring inspired vocal by Angelica...

Enchanted Forest

This energetic world music soundtrack creates an uplifting presence.

Exploring the Ruins

Nice world track creates an ethereal, exotic atmosphere.

Irish Breeze

Upbeat and joyful texture using Harp and orchestral strings.

Great Morning

Have a Great Morning.  Upbeat and optimistic, this track will put everyone in a receptive, positive mood. Great for advertising, promotional films, corporate presentations and video marketing...

World of Fun

A childlike, bouncey romp that creates uninhibited, goofy enjoyment. Would work well in an upbeat ad campaign or video marketing.


Energetic and catchy, this song makes a nice branding soundtrack or commercial ad spot.

Curious Pony

This fun groove evokes good times and happiness. Nice advertising soundtrack.


This upbeat mix emulates the 8 bit chipset of early video game music (think Gameboy). This would make a great app or video game soundtrack. The track is bright and...


A light and fun take on Halloween. Otherworldly yes, but these are nice ghosts and nice goblins. The sounds are based on the 8 bit chipset of retro game consoles like Gameboy. Would make a great game or app...

Right On Time

Right On Time creates an inspiring, can-do, success-oriented mood. A pleasant piano melody hovers above a medium tempo rock groove. Great for ads, promos, presentations or a new product...

Reach For the Top

This uptempo rock track creates an uplifting, inspirational atmosphere. Rhythmic acoutic guitar conrtibues to an upbeat and positive mood. Inspires achievement, success and a winning...

Not A Care In the World

A good time vibe imbues this track with a smiling, happy energy.

Looking Up

A mellow, contemporary groove, Looking Up creates a positive, upbeat mood. Great for advertising, promotions, corporate news, slideshows and presentations.