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Electronica Soundtrack

Electronica has now become a kind of umbrella term covering a wide variety of electronic dance music including techno, drum’n’bass, downtempo and ambient. Today, Electronica can cover any style from danceable grooves to chill-out music. Our category of Electronica includes tracks that have primarily synthesizer-based textures and include electronic (synthesized) dance beats. Many of these tracks can be found in the other dance music categories on our site but here we are highlighting them here for their very synthesized, electronic sound.


Nice floating ambient electronic textures.  A relaxing atmosphere is created.


A jazzy intro slowly morphs into a fast-paced drum’n’ bass track. This track mixes traditional jazz textures with breakbeats and drum’n’ bass energy. It alternates between a gentle, cool, relaxed texture and a more manic, driving, fiery...


Hard-driving Drum’n’ Bass track mixes with a dreamy melody to create energy and excitement. Nice transitions from section to section. The track builds to an intense middle section with powerful drum’n’ bass...


Necromancy is an action adventure soundtrack with a tinge of middle-eastern flavoring. Ominous bass combines with a spacey theremin-type texture to create an otherworldly atmosphere. Suspense, Sci-Fi, Chase scenes would benefit from this drum’n’bass...


A melodic synth pattern combines with an aggressive Drum’n’ Bass groove to create a modern soundscape. A fast tempo, you get the feeling of speed/motion. Goes great with fast-cut footage of racing, athleticism, scientific graphics, neurons firing,...

Bushido Blade

Japanese koto and mysterious flutes float above an intense Drum’n’ Bass texture. There is a dreamy abstract quality to this underscore.

Black Ice

Dark, Intelligent Drum’n’Bass track powered by deep bass stabs and an ethereal texture. Breakbeat mayhem ensues as the track progresses. Makes a great underscore for a mysterious or haunted type of...

Bouzouki Groove

Relaxing, thoughtful piece that coasts along on a bubbling electronica texture. Melody is light played by a Greek instrument known as a bouzouki. There is a nice, minimalist feel to this track. Soundtrack options are many as this music will fit multiple...

Winds of Change

There is a sense of mystery about this track with a hopeful resolution. Wood flutes and world instruments help create the ethereal quality. Beautiful vocal by Jillian Aversa. An instrumental mix of this track is also included in the download (vocal...


Inferno creates energy and excitement. Mechanical or robotic imagery is enhanced by the drive of this track. Motivational and team-building projects would benefit as...


Creative electronica with nice female vocals blending in and out of the mix. The break down in the middle of the track builds to a dramatic conclusion. Hourglass makes a dreamy, high-energy movie...

Into the Night

Into the Night is a fast-paced electronica soundtrack. The catchy melody is played primarily on the piano but flute and strings soon add a countermelody. The song evokes a sense of excitement, passion, maybe even approaching...

Waiting for Tomorrow

Waiting For Tomorrow blends two forces, an ethereal, apprehensive sound featuring the string orchestra and a fuzzed out rock guitar lead. The track has a sense of adventure and...

Man with a Mission

Man with a Mission is a Techno dance-influenced song that evokes a sense of action and purpose. The primary theme begins with a rhythmic build-up, the bass kicks in followed by a string melody played over percussion-based...


Dreamy Middle-eastern atmospheres mix with driving bass and drums. There is a mood of night energy and maybe even some deception.