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Industrial is the main term for an aggressive type of dance music powered by heavily distorted drums, synthesizers, and guitars. The music has split into smaller sub-genres like industrial-rock, industrial-metal, dark electro. Famous bands making Industrial dance music include Skinny Puppy, Front 242, Nine Inch Nails and Ministry. Electro-industrial is a music genre that emerged from industrial music in the mid-1980s. Electro-industrial has a deep, complex and layered sound. Because the music is so dramatic and intense, Industrial dance is popular with certain game genres evoking post-apocalyptic landscapes and societal destruction.

Severe Reaction

Thunderous guitars anchor this aggressive electro track. Its massive sound underscores power and strength. This would make a great action adventure score or anywhere that needs a shot of confidence and a can-do...

Acid Dominion

Bold and aggressive with heavy rock guitar driving the mix.

Hammer It!

Plenty of Industrial textures drive Hammer It!. Guitar feedback, low, distorted synths and a propulsive drum track. A take-no-prisoners attitude describes this...


With a jazzy bass line and a cool drum groove, Negative creates a low-key, yet distinct hardbeat vibe. Electronics bubble below the main texture. Melody is created by a low, distorted synth...


Ooze takes its name from the propulsive bass line that drives it. A breakbeat drum pattern is mixed with low bass electronics for an aggressive and driving...


Matrix uses a bass melody and aggressive, mildly-distored drums to create a determined, hard-edged impression. As soundtrack, Matrix would work well with scenes of pursuit, preparation for action and scenes that show force of...

Gonna Regret It

On the funk side, this hardbeat track uses a lead bass melody to anchor loads of distorted electronica and a grooving breakbeat. The tempo is fast creating an engaging action adventure...

Here I Come

Here I Come arrives with much attitude. Aggressive guitars and driving drums prevail. Creates a bold and dramatic presence.

Level Zero

With a catchy, atmospheric satellite sound and a drum’n’bass pulse, Level Zero creates an engaging futuristic soundtrack. Features percolating electronica and deep...

Hot Rising

Hot Rising mixes low riffing guitars with aggressive drums and a hard, distorted lead synth melody to create a modern, noisy urban soundtrack. The sound of a not-too-distant futuristic metropolis?...


Endangered mixes low fuzzed guitars with distorted electronics to create a powerful, thrusting hardbeat track. Great as soundtrack, you can hear this track as background for a futuristic computer game or video game...

Drop the Edge

Drop the Edge is Hardbeat track with plenty of energy and aggression. Heavy guitars and insistent drums propel the track creating a bold and forceful...