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Drum'n' Bass

Drum’n’ Bass is characterized by very fast and energetic electronic textures driven by “breakbeats”, recordings of drums that have been cut-up and rearranged to give a fresh twist on the drum groove, combined with a heavy sub-bass low-end sound.Drum’n’ bass began in the 1990s and quickly morphed into many sub-genres. Our drum’n’ bass tracks tend toward more of an orchestral soundtrack sound with thick, dramatic electronic textures driven by highly-charged breakbeats.


A jazzy intro slowly morphs into a fast-paced drum’n’ bass track. This track mixes traditional jazz textures with breakbeats and drum’n’ bass energy. It alternates between a gentle, cool, relaxed texture and a more manic, driving, fiery...

The Emerald Lounge

A funky and relaxed opening texture gradually gives way to an uptempo drum’n’ bass groove. There is a spacey, jazzy feel to this track with echoes of 1970s electric jazz...

Star Trails

Mellow and relaxed, Star Trails creates a carefree, easy-going mood. Warm synth washes with a medium breakbeat (DnB) groove make an inviting, dreamy atmosphere.

Skyline Metropolis

This bright and upbeat drum’n’ bass track makes a great underscore for images of fun, health and well-being.

One True Love

This drum’n’ bass track creates a positive and uplifting mood. Mellow synth washes and percolating electronic arpeggios combine to build a relaxed, refreshing texture. This will highlight technology footage, Internet marketing promos, or anywhere you need...


Hard-driving Drum’n’ Bass track mixes with a dreamy melody to create energy and excitement. Nice transitions from section to section. The track builds to an intense middle section with powerful drum’n’ bass...


Necromancy is an action adventure soundtrack with a tinge of middle-eastern flavoring. Ominous bass combines with a spacey theremin-type texture to create an otherworldly atmosphere. Suspense, Sci-Fi, Chase scenes would benefit from this drum’n’bass...


A melodic synth pattern combines with an aggressive Drum’n’ Bass groove to create a modern soundscape. A fast tempo, you get the feeling of speed/motion. Goes great with fast-cut footage of racing, athleticism, scientific graphics, neurons firing,...

Bushido Blade

Japanese koto and mysterious flutes float above an intense Drum’n’ Bass texture. There is a dreamy abstract quality to this underscore.

Black Ice

Dark, Intelligent Drum’n’Bass track powered by deep bass stabs and an ethereal texture. Breakbeat mayhem ensues as the track progresses. Makes a great underscore for a mysterious or haunted type of...

Lazy Day

Lazy Day combines a drum and bass (DnB) flavor with a relaxed jazz attitude. The feeling evokes blue skies and carefree days. Electric piano and tenor saxophone melodies are featured in this mellow...

Weekend Unwind

Weekend Unwind blends natural sounds of the surf to create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. The Drum’n’ Bass rhythm is mixed with gently swirling synth washes to create calm, cool...


Ooze takes its name from the propulsive bass line that drives it. A breakbeat drum pattern is mixed with low bass electronics for an aggressive and driving...

Level Zero

With a catchy, atmospheric satellite sound and a drum’n’bass pulse, Level Zero creates an engaging futuristic soundtrack. Features percolating electronica and deep...

Funky D & B

A Drum’n’ Bass groove with a laid-back feel, Funky D & B uses electric piano and guitar to create a spacey vibe.