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Downtempo, Chill Out

Downtempo is a mellow style of dance music similar in style to ambient music except that it uses beats or grooves whereas ambient music is generally more about electronic textures with no associated groove. Like everything related to dance music, these definitions tend to get cloudy as more producers add new music and sub-genres get created. Overall though, Downtempo is chill-out music meant for relaxing.


Dreamy, romantic, slowly evolving Pop music track with great vocal. Mellow, chill out vibe. Produced/ mixed by Lukas Termena with dynamic vocal by Angelica Borof. Label: Ecosystem Digital A very pretty vocal/piano mix is included as well.  In some soundtrack...

Calling Your Name

Dreamy and romantic, this slowly evolving track features the vocals of Angelica Borof. Great mellow, chill out vibe. Label: Ecosystem Digital, Artist: Lukas Termena feat. Angelica...


Majestic, romantic chill out track slowly builds to a beautiful conclusion. Soothing and romantic (cool down fitness). Artist: Lukas Termena featuring inspired vocal by Angelica...

Nude Touch

Dreamy, atmospheric Deep House track by German artist Dimitris Athanasiou. Soothing, sexy, relaxed. Evokes the Fashion runway and modern style. Label: Ecosystem Digital – Fashion, EDM, Deep House,...

Deep Energy

A Deep House track with a relaxing, upbeat presence. Pleasure, Sensual, Vacation, Good Time Label: Ecosystem Digital, Artist: Dimitris Athanasiou


Nice floating ambient electronic textures.  A relaxing atmosphere is created.

Fashion Sense

Silky-smooth dance mix creates an upscale, sensual mood.


Meditative and calming. Soothing vocals and a touch of Indian sitar create a chilled out, new age texture. This track can be looped for an extended sonic wallpaper effect. For example, use it as an underscore for a guided self-help program or meditation. An included...

Bouzouki Groove

Relaxing, thoughtful piece that coasts along on a bubbling electronica texture. Melody is light played by a Greek instrument known as a bouzouki. There is a nice, minimalist feel to this track. Soundtrack options are many as this music will fit multiple...

Lazy Day

Lazy Day combines a drum and bass (DnB) flavor with a relaxed jazz attitude. The feeling evokes blue skies and carefree days. Electric piano and tenor saxophone melodies are featured in this mellow...


Kaleidoscope uses several filtering effects on the drums to create an ambient, swirling, electronic texture. The song evokes feelings of awe and inspiration. A minor key piano melody floats above the groove. An atmosphere of city life, maybe loneliness or melancholy...

Dream Sequence

Dream Sequence is highlighted by a gothic choir singing “In Excelsis Deo”. A trip-hop rhythmic groove mixed with an electronica texture accompanies the choir. The overall quality of this theme is mysterious, otherworldly and mystical. Those looking for...

Chance Encounter

Chance Encounter is an ambient chill-out track with a sense of mystery and allure. There is a sense of attraction and temptation fermenting under the atmospheric...

Mysterious Traveler

Mysterious Traveler creates a mood of expectation and promise using a chill out groove and several unusual instruments. It makes a great background track for visuals of the city at night, the desert, or any place where you want to create the feeling of something...

Idea Generation

A rocksteady drum beat drives this lightly scored instrumental. The mood is calm, confident and purposeful. Idea Generation makes a good presentation loop or corporate information background track. The energy is upbeat but...