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Country & Bluegrass

These recordings show the vast impact country music has had on several music genres. This category features some straight-ahead bluegreass, pure country tracks as well as country-influenced rock tracks.

Nice Pickin’

Determined with a sense of confidence, this track features fine bluegrass acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo and fiddle playing. A relaxed, laid-back mood conveys a sense of motion or...

Homeward Bound

Great banjo playing creates a happy, festive mood. Uptempo country music makes for an upbeat celebration. A sense of release after a hard days work.

Head Into Town

A bright tempo conveys a sense of motion like from a pickup truck or train. Acoustic guitars and mandolin dominate the texture. There is an upbeat, positive sense of adventure to this track. Traditional bluegrass instruments including country fiddle create a rural...

Greet the Dawn

Great blues feel here with a slide guitar feel. Rugged and uncompromising, this track conveys a sense of strength and independence. Great for traditional or patriotic images or for depicting a bygone...

Family Reunion

Good times abound in this country tune. Guitar/banjo/fiddle create a sense of home and family. Images of backyard cookouts, traveling the back roads, reuniting with friends. Honesty and bright feelings are present throughout the...

Country Rambler

Upbeat and positive, this track takes a fast tempo and never lets go. Plenty of bluegrass picking here with a nice fiddle solo about midway through. A good country feel is created with a festive and happy...


A relaxed, honest mood is created with a bluesy slide guitar style. You’re on personal time, Saturday afternoon, nothing to do. Just hangin’ out.

Barn Dance

A celebration is at hand. Uptempo and joyous with plenty of nice guitar work. The mood is festive and positive.

Backyard Heaven

Acoustic guitar, harmonica, and some tasty slide guitar combine to create a relaxed, lazy, country vibe. This tune evokes warm summer days, good times with family and friends – like a perfect Saturday...

18-Wheeler Dealer

High energy, upbeat country song. Images of truckers, hard work, big payloads, clear highways, and an All-American work ethic.  Nice banjo picking on this one.

This I Know

A slow piano ballad with a touch of Nashville. It evokes feelings of truth and honesty. Americana. A pleading, confessional quality creates a mood of acceptance, contentment. Performed by John...

Leaving Today

This solo piano ballad creates a poignant, intimate portrait. In the style of songs like Desperado by the Eagles. It has that slow rock/Country Music feel. The feelings are heartfelt and...

Take It Home

Take it Home is a happy, easy-going, country music score announcing good news and glad tidings. The acoustic guitar melody is accompanied by piano, bass, and drums. A Nashville steel guitar plays a counter-melody in the middle section. The feeling is honest, upbeat...

Blues Country

Blues Country is built around a medium blues shuffle. The track features acoustic guitar, piano, fiddle, bass, and drums. The song gives off a happy and contented, good time feeling. The track features both guitar and piano...

Bayou Blues

Bayou Blues evokes good times and Country Music music. It features an acoustic blues guitar and Country Music fiddle melody. Piano, bass and drums complete the...