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Comical, Quirky

These themes can be used as background music to create a comical or more subtle, tongue-in-cheek underscore. It’s a bit of a mixed bag of styles, we tried to select music that would suit a variety of projects, but the overriding factor is the music’s ability to create a quirky, light sensibility.

World of Fun

A childlike, bouncey romp that creates uninhibited, goofy enjoyment. Would work well in an upbeat ad campaign or video marketing.

Sly Cat

Mysterious and coy, this track creates a tentative, questioning atmosphere.

Slow Zombies

You can see them, they’re coming towards you… Kitschy sendup of the approaching zombie apocalypse.

Curious Pony

This fun groove evokes good times and happiness. Nice advertising soundtrack.


This upbeat mix emulates the 8 bit chipset of early video game music (think Gameboy). This would make a great app or video game soundtrack. The track is bright and...


A light and fun take on Halloween. Otherworldly yes, but these are nice ghosts and nice goblins. The sounds are based on the 8 bit chipset of retro game consoles like Gameboy. Would make a great game or app...

Winter Nights With You

A happy, somewhat campy, wintertime feel is created here complete with added sleigh bells. The mood is carefree and light. It’s a holiday advertising...

Waiting For Viktor

This track has a Balkan or Eastern European charm. There is maybe a hint of mystery here. The lead instrument is a Greek bouzouki or balalaika. It evokes movies like Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel. This is one of those quirky tracks that can work in many...

So Happy You’re Mine

So Happy You’re Mine creates a positive and upbeat mood. A buoyant melody played on guitar highlights the track. Affirming, Glad, Happy.

Lotsa Love

A bouncy, quirky, unabashedly happy tune played by acoustic guitar with mandolin accompaniment. This sound is popular in TV advertising because of the playful, spontaneous vibe that’s...

Hard Work Pays Off

Achievement-oriented track that creates a determined and positive mood. Nice use of mandolin here creates a bright and winning texture.

Fun Times

Great old-time stride piano style. Fun Times sounds like a silent movie soundtrack. Fun, upbeat and a little slapstick like a Laurel & Hardy, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin film. There’s also a touch of Paul McCartney Beatles-era tunes like Maxwell’s...

Best Friends

Nice and cozy with a slightly quirky feel. Light and carefree.

All Roads Lead Home

Upbeat, light, relaxed and refreshing, this catchy melody evokes happiness and contentment.

Positive Place

Positive Place is a Eurodance club track. This song gives off a self-assured, confident feeling. This track would work well with fashion or fitness footage. It evokes nightlife, youth, flying solo in the city. Positive Place could also be used comedically. Visuals...