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Classic Rock

These recordings would fit on classic rock radio or stations like Sirius’ “Classic Vinyl”. Eras represented are mostly 70s/80s with some alternative 90s styles as well. Hard-hitting, guitar-driven rock music tracks that will add energy and power to your project’s soundtrack. Plenty of riffs, plenty of attitude.

Run Away

With a nice rock groove and indie sound, this soundtrack evokes contemporary life, urban landscapes, and the world of high tech.

Drive That Monster

Confident and strong. This rock soundtrack will add grit and energy to your project.


Hard, metal guitars power this high-energy rock track.

Rock Club

Rock Club creates a strong and confident mood. The track has plenty of rough edges and gives off a bold, brash vibe. A Fender Rhodes electric piano melody plays the lead. Heavy guitars and drums drive the rhythm...

Ripped & Faded

Ripped & Faded pays tribute to 1960s roots rock artists like Creedence Clearwater Revival. The song is bluesy powered by lead guitar and organ accompaniment. Classic...

The Drifter

The Drifter features a great country/blues band from Nashville, playing a slow Delta Blues. This track features a dobro (a type of guitar) which lends a very genuine bayou blues sound to this track. There is a ZZ Top, Allman Bros. feel to this...

Victory Lap

Victory Lap is a determined and forceful rock soundtrack which creates a forceful and winning attitude. This track makes has an upbeat and positive mood. Nice guitar riff and solo...


Warthog is more on the experimental side mixing speed metal textures with spacey, deranged (a la Omar Rodriguez-Lopez) lead guitar lines. This is a definite hardcore track that would satisfy as soundtrack for violent or aggressive...

Take You Down

Take You Down is very much out of the alternative or grunge rock sound of the 1990s suggesting bands like Seattle’s Soundgarden or Alice In Chains. The sound is dark with the vocalist adding a measure of anger throughout the...

Realm Runner

Realm Runner brings an aggressive, very much in-your-face heavy metal guitar sound to create an atmosphere of high-energy, speed and force. This track works great as underscore in competitive sports, military or any high-testosterone subject...

Road Tested

Road Tested reminds one of the hard-bitten, experienced loner that comes to town. There is a bold swagger to this track. The feeling is of strength, power but also a type of inner-knowledge or...

Stealth Fighter

Power, defiance, courage. Stealth Fighter rides these emotions creating a bold guitar-heavy track. The texture is lified by a background synth pattern lightly mixed into the...

Pile Up

The sound is hard-edged and tough. Pile Up brings a balls-to-the-wall guitar sound with a definite feeling of daring, adventure and guts. A niice melodic hook on the chorus makes for a very usable...

Speed Racer

With its very fast tempo, Speed Racer is great for underscoring motion at an accelerated velocity. This track will add an awesome shot of adrenaline to any...

Simply the Best

Simply the Best has two sections, the first, very large, heavy-rock, big guitar sound, the second, a more subdued and mellow texture. They blend well within the song to create an exciting, assured...