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Celebration, Victorious

These soundtracks will amplify the festive feeling of your ad spot or video production. Upbeat with energy, the mood is triumphant.

It’s All Right

Upbeat House track great for Fashion or Exercise video. Great vibe all around. Label: Ecosystem Digital, Artist: Paul2Paul

A Night In Madrid

Deep House music creates a dreamy atmosphere. Whirling texture with crime drama narration low in the mix. Artist: Aïnaka

Enchanted Forest

This energetic world music soundtrack creates an uplifting presence.

Forest Ritual

World beat feature with driving drum patterns. Creates a primordial atmosphere.

Irish Breeze

Upbeat and joyful texture using Harp and orchestral strings.

Ninjitsu Showdown

Drum-heavy texture creates a powerful, determined soundtrack.

Reason To Believe

Reason To Believe creates an inspiring atmosphere with a purposeful, driven rock groove. Great for productions related to success, achievement and victory. Makes a great ad spot for a product release or corporate...

Reach For the Top

This uptempo rock track creates an uplifting, inspirational atmosphere. Rhythmic acoutic guitar conrtibues to an upbeat and positive mood. Inspires achievement, success and a winning...

Not A Care In the World

A good time vibe imbues this track with a smiling, happy energy.

Doin’ It Right

Doin’ It Right has a relaxed, laidback rock feel. This track would work well in productions that want to create a positive feeling of success and accomplishment. makes a good corporate video or product release, promo/advertising...

Hard Work Pays Off

Achievement-oriented track that creates a determined and positive mood. Nice use of mandolin here creates a bright and winning texture.

Rainforest Majesty

Driven by wood drums and percussion, Rainforest Majesty creates an uplifting and grand orchestral soundtrack. The drum style combined with wood flutes brings to mind the Amazon rainforest or other jungle-like...


Shadows is a positive and energetic electronica track with an ethereal, floating quality. The mood is upbeat and powerful. Beautiful vocal here by Jillian Aversa. An instrumental mix of this track is included in the download (with vocal...


Uptempo dance mix creates an exotically thrilling mood using world drums with string and wind instrumentation.

Always Know the Way Home

Based on an old time, funky back beat and bass line, Always Know the Way Home is a catchy, playful and happy tune. This underscore would work well with images of street scenes or isolation footage of one particular character doing an action. The band takes the tune...