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Business Productivity

Corporate inspiration.


Energetic and catchy, this song makes a nice branding soundtrack or commercial ad spot.

Belief System

Motion is created using a percolating synth background. Belief System will work well as underscore for news broadcasts, corporate film, commercials or new product videos. The overall energy is positive and...

Hard Work Pays Off

Achievement-oriented track that creates a determined and positive mood. Nice use of mandolin here creates a bright and winning texture.


A jazzy intro slowly morphs into a fast-paced drum’n’ bass track. This track mixes traditional jazz textures with breakbeats and drum’n’ bass energy. It alternates between a gentle, cool, relaxed texture and a more manic, driving, fiery...

Skyline Metropolis

This bright and upbeat drum’n’ bass track makes a great underscore for images of fun, health and well-being.

Studies in Ether

Dreamy and contented, there is a winning atmosphere here. Something good has been accomplished. This track would work well in motivational, inspirational projects. There is a trippy, floating quality to the whole...


There’s a feeling of motion with this track. Dimension would work well with time-lapse imagery or photography. There’s an idea of travel or forward energy. Footage of building or moving mechanical parts would benefit from this...

Mission Control

The overall tone of Mission Control is positive and upbeat emphasizing confidence and strength. The electronic quality of this track brings to mind images of machinery in action, production, assembly lines, robots, mechanistic movements, crowded city streets, etc. The...

On Track

On Track is a breezy and cool retro 70s funk groove a la George Benson. Upbeat and happy, the groove is propelled by a funky wah-wah guitar. There is a touch of jazz and rare groove styling here. Feelings of being carefree, relaxed, of new beginnings and positive...


Affirmation uses techno beats and a lush electronica texture to create a confident, winning attitude. This track bubbles along on the strength of its energized bass lines. One can imagine this music working well for a new product presentation, a corporate sales piece,...

Today’s the Day

This song is bluesy and rhythmic. The overall quality is determination and vitality. The track grooves along charged by a high impact middle section.

Biological Clock

Biological Clock is driven by a pulsing, kinetic groove and a repeated piano figure. Electronic effects contribute to the overall ambient texture.

Express Delivery

Rock guitar riffing powers this high-energy track. The mood is winning and confident. Great for sports footage or ad promos that want to underscore achievement and...

Data Transmission

Powered by a deeply pulsating bass, this electronica track creates a modern soundscape. Great for underscore of technology or even futuristic-based themes. There is a hint of Kraftwerk in this track. The sound of the modern...

Power And Glory

Power and Glory creates a victorious and winning mood. As movie score, it’s a great soundtrack for the final scene. It celebrates achievement and...