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These tracks all share the blues language. Styles include country, jazz, rock, and gospel. The overriding factor is the feel and emotion of the blues. Now over 100 years old, the blues laid the foundation for further innovations to come including jazz and rock. The full gamut of blues styles, from acoustic to electric, can be heard in this category.

Today’s the Day

This song is bluesy and rhythmic. The overall quality is determination and vitality. The track grooves along charged by a high impact middle section.

One Fine Day

Gospel piano style. There is a blues/rock influence too. The rhythmic drive gives off a sense of good times and celebration.

Just Fine Thanks

Just Fine Thanks is confident and bluesy. It has a swagger to it. The overall feeling is one of happiness, energy and goodwill. This song would be a great intro theme to a production that emphasized success or...

Blues Country

Blues Country is built around a medium blues shuffle. The track features acoustic guitar, piano, fiddle, bass, and drums. The song gives off a happy and contented, good time feeling. The track features both guitar and piano...

Bayou Blues

Bayou Blues evokes good times and Country Music music. It features an acoustic blues guitar and Country Music fiddle melody. Piano, bass and drums complete the...

House Party

House Party is an upbeat rhythm and blues song. This track is in the style of the early 60s instrumental soul records (like those by Ramsey Lewis for instance). Piano and a very funky organ play the melodies. The mood is happy – a good-time feel...

Good Time Hour

Mid-60s Motown vibe creates a retro party atmosphere. Nice sax solo. This track is in the style of the early R&B bands. Melody is played by organ and guitar and an upbeat sax solo contributes to the party...

Fat Dominos

This song sounds like the New Orleans boogie shuffles made popular by Fats Domino. A great sax section plus typical boogie piano licks keep this track rolling along. A good time is had by...

Deuce Coup

Deuce Coup rolls in with a confident masculine sound. This song is powered by a low blues guitar riff suggesting late-night parties and laughter among friends. American Graffiti fans will recognize this soundtrack...

Club Tipitina

Club Tipitina is a blues shuffle in the style of New Orleans piano great Professor Longhair. The song is powered by boogie piano playing and a strong backing horn section. Rollicking solos by tenor saxophone and piano are also...

Ripped & Faded

Ripped & Faded pays tribute to 1960s roots rock artists like Creedence Clearwater Revival. The song is bluesy powered by lead guitar and organ accompaniment. Classic...

The Drifter

The Drifter features a great country/blues band from Nashville, playing a slow Delta Blues. This track features a dobro (a type of guitar) which lends a very genuine bayou blues sound to this track. There is a ZZ Top, Allman Bros. feel to this...

Big Trouble

Good Time, Boisterous, Classic Rock, Sounds like late-70s Rolling Stones (Miss You era).