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Big Beat

Big Beat blends synthesizer-generated loops and patterns found in Techno and House styles with distorted breakbeats to create a harder edge type of dance music. Artists like The Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method, The Prodigy are representative of the style.


Inferno creates energy and excitement. Mechanical or robotic imagery is enhanced by the drive of this track. Motivational and team-building projects would benefit as...


Creative electronica with nice female vocals blending in and out of the mix. The break down in the middle of the track builds to a dramatic conclusion. Hourglass makes a dreamy, high-energy movie...


Arsenal is forceful and confident with a sense of action and purpose. A strong mood is created with big bass and sinuous synths winding through of the...


Funky, cool with a great vocal hook. Nice dance vibe. Upbeat and confident.


There’s a feeling of motion with this track. Dimension would work well with time-lapse imagery or photography. There’s an idea of travel or forward energy. Footage of building or moving mechanical parts would benefit from this...

I Know Why

I Know Why creates an upbeat and determined atmosphere. Feelings of strength and confidence are underscored by rhythmic electronica textures.

Acid Dominion

Bold and aggressive with heavy rock guitar driving the mix.

Hammer It!

Plenty of Industrial textures drive Hammer It!. Guitar feedback, low, distorted synths and a propulsive drum track. A take-no-prisoners attitude describes this...


With a jazzy bass line and a cool drum groove, Negative creates a low-key, yet distinct hardbeat vibe. Electronics bubble below the main texture. Melody is created by a low, distorted synth...


Matrix uses a bass melody and aggressive, mildly-distored drums to create a determined, hard-edged impression. As soundtrack, Matrix would work well with scenes of pursuit, preparation for action and scenes that show force of...

Gonna Regret It

On the funk side, this hardbeat track uses a lead bass melody to anchor loads of distorted electronica and a grooving breakbeat. The tempo is fast creating an engaging action adventure...


Endangered mixes low fuzzed guitars with distorted electronics to create a powerful, thrusting hardbeat track. Great as soundtrack, you can hear this track as background for a futuristic computer game or video game...

Drop the Edge

Drop the Edge is Hardbeat track with plenty of energy and aggression. Heavy guitars and insistent drums propel the track creating a bold and forceful...