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Action Adventure

An assortment of themes that would fit well into the multi-faceted Action Adventure genre. Excitement and high energy with a determined edge.

A Hero Comes

This drum-powered action adventure soundtrack creates a powerful atmosphere. World drums mix with quivering strings to create the suspenseful texture.  A drum-only mix is also...

Desert Mirage

Flute soars above a Middle Eastern-tinged world soundtrack.

Gladiator’s Coliseum

Powerful action adventure soundtrack. Great for movie trailer usage as well.

Ninjitsu Showdown

Drum-heavy texture creates a powerful, determined soundtrack.

Drive That Monster

Confident and strong. This rock soundtrack will add grit and energy to your project.

Dramatic Hero

The hero embarks on a quest for glory. Nice game or app soundtrack.


Necromancy is an action adventure soundtrack with a tinge of middle-eastern flavoring. Ominous bass combines with a spacey theremin-type texture to create an otherworldly atmosphere. Suspense, Sci-Fi, Chase scenes would benefit from this drum’n’bass...

Rainforest Majesty

Driven by wood drums and percussion, Rainforest Majesty creates an uplifting and grand orchestral soundtrack. The drum style combined with wood flutes brings to mind the Amazon rainforest or other jungle-like...

Studies in Ether

Dreamy and contented, there is a winning atmosphere here. Something good has been accomplished. This track would work well in motivational, inspirational projects. There is a trippy, floating quality to the whole...


Arsenal is forceful and confident with a sense of action and purpose. A strong mood is created with big bass and sinuous synths winding through of the...

Severe Reaction

Thunderous guitars anchor this aggressive electro track. Its massive sound underscores power and strength. This would make a great action adventure score or anywhere that needs a shot of confidence and a can-do...

Acid Dominion

Bold and aggressive with heavy rock guitar driving the mix.

Escape from Sector 7

Escape from Sector 7 is an exciting theme best for thrill-seeking, action adventure, and Extreme sports footage. It also works well with suspenseful, secret agent-type material like chase scenes. The track is motored by rhythmic wah-wah guitar and a propulsive tom-tom...

Agent Uri

Agent Uri is propelled by driving, heavy-metal guitar riffs. This full length theme, dominated by power-chord riffs, emphasizes action, adventure and strength. The song begins with an ominous low swirling, then the band kicks in. The middle section uses a background...

Into the Night

Into the Night is a fast-paced electronica soundtrack. The catchy melody is played primarily on the piano but flute and strings soon add a countermelody. The song evokes a sense of excitement, passion, maybe even approaching...