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Contemporary Stock Music

Quick & Easy Music Licensing

Contemporary Stock Music


Our contemporary stock music library includes recordings in all major music styles.  We carry many genres of Rock music, EDM, Hip Hop, Jazz, and World Music. The tracks have been made to function as background music in TV and radio advertising, as Film Soundtracks, as podcast music, and in video games and apps.

In addition to sorting the library by Genre, we have also sorted the music into Mood categories like Confidence, Determination, Sadness, Excitement, Comical and Honesty.  You can access these lists using the Navigation Bar (see above) at the top of each page of this site.

High Impact Stock Music is devoted to presenting the highest quality music tracks for your production.  We screen the music, each track must pass an ear test as to its viability as background music.  Each track is editor-selected to fit within its category and within your production.  We hope our site is practical, that your search for music is fast and that the quality of the music and the user experience is what keeps you coming back.

To get started, browse these popular music categories

Tip: The navigation bar above shows a full drop-down listing of all major genres and moods in the contemporary music library.

25 Most Popular

The most popular tracks on the site right now

Heavy Metal

Thundering rock tracks create an determined, aggressive mood

Deep House

The swirling soulful vibe of Deep House

Suspense Soundtrack

Tracks that evoke the aura of suspense.

PSA & Documentary

Tracks that work well in PSAs and Documentaries

Dreamy Atmospheres

Ethereal floating ambient type of atmospheres

Mysterious, Haunted

Selections that evoke an eerie, uneasy feeling

Solo Piano

Contemporary solo piano pieces

Advertising Logos & Stingers

Short music clips which can be used as branding Logos, musical IDs

A Selection of Contemporary Music Albums

Album sets contain a compilation of several tracks which can be licensed as a package with all Standard License rights.

Hollywood Action Hero, Vol. 2

Hollywood Action Hero, Vol. 2

Orchestral Fantasy Bundle

Orchestral Fantasy Bundle

Modern Rock

Modern Rock, Vol. 1

Sacred Spaces – World Music Groove