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Classical Music Licensing

Classical Stock Music Library

Classical Music Licensing

Johannes Brahms - Stock Music Licensing

Johannes Brahms

High Impact Stock Music has an extensive and growing catalog of classical music recordings available for media project licensing.  We have Gregorian Chants from the Medieval Period masterpieces by Bach, Handel and Vivaldi from the Baroque Era, great works by Mozart and Beethoven from the Classical Era, through the Romantic Era of Brahms, Liszt, and Schumann, all the way to the early 20th Century.

Public Domain Classical Music
High Impact Stock Music offers a quick and easy way to legally license classical music recordings of musical works that are in the public domain. When you purchase a license from this site, you are acquiring master use rights to use the recordings in your projects and products with no further licensing or payments to us.

Why do I need a license if the work is in the public domain?
It’s true the music itself (the sheet music) is in the public domain and you don’t need a license from the music’s publisher any longer.  However, the recordings are copyrighted and that is why you need a license. You are licensing the Master Use Rights to use the recording as part of your work.

We license recordings of public domain classical music for a variety of media uses.  Classical music offers the benefit of time-tested melodies that have moved listeners for generations. Included in our series are movements from Tchaikovsky’s famous ballets Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker (Suite), the famous Blue Danube Waltz by Johan Strauss, Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Vivaldi’s brilliant Gloria for choir and orchestra, numerous solo Piano Waltzes by Chopin, the Air on a G String by J S Bach, and Schubert’s Fifth Symphony.

To get started, browse these popular classical works

Bach's Greatest Hits

License Bach’s best-known works

Handel's Messiah

License tracks from the Messiah including the famous Hallelujah Chorus.

Vivaldi: Instrumental Works

Concertos by Antonio Vivaldi for many different instruments

Mozart: Chamber Music

Selections from Mozart’s numerous chamber works.

Chopin: Piano Music

Pieces for solo piano by Chopin

Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake

The complete Swan Lake ballet by Tchaikovsky

Tchaikovsky: Sleeping Beauty

Selections from Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty ballet

Baroque Era

A diverse listing of Baroque Era compositions from 1600-1750

Medieval Gregorian Chant

The mystical choir sound of Gregorian Chant

A Selection of Classical Music Albums

Album sets contain a compilation of several tracks which can be licensed as a package with all Standard License rights.

Handel: Messiah

Great Classics: Vivaldi, Volume 1

Tchaikovsky: Sleeping Beauty Ballet

Classical Masters: Enjoyment, Pleasure

Classical Masters Series, Vol. 2, Enjoyment, Pleasure, Satisfaction