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Contemporary Music

High Impact Stock Music chooses the finest composers and producers to offer the best possible stock music selections. Every track must pass a series of listening tests before we’ll list it.  The number of tracks is limited here so that we can provide the best choices. You’ll spend less time searching for the right track.

Classical Music

We work with several classical music labels so that we can offer premium classical music licensing. The staff here is knowledgeable about classical music and can help guide you in your search for the correct composer, era, or instrumentation for your project.

Two Ways To License Music

Individual Tracks

Choose from all music genres or search by emotional keyword or mood.  The navigation bar at the top of this page shows our  music categories.  Track licenses begin at $49.


Albums are collections of tracks that come with all Standard License rights.  Album pricing begins at $159.  Albums quickly give you many tracks in a single genre or style.

Licensed by High Impact Stock MusicWhat does this website do? 
High-Impact Stock Music is a business that offers a constantly growing collection of music recordings that you can easily license directly from this site to use in commercial or personal media projects.  You purchase a license by placing the track in your shopping cart.  Once you’ve made payment, a page appears with a link whereby you can download the master recording to your computer.  An email confirmation with the link and receipt is also sent to you.

By obtaining a license you gain the legal permissions necessary to use the recordings in your own work.  Licenses can be priced differently depending on how you wish to use the music.

The term stock music is often associated with a business like ours.  Stock media companies provide ready-made media content that can be legally added to your work in a matter of minutes.  Stock Photo and Stock Footage sites have a similar function to this site.

How we’re different
Our experience has led us to believe that the greatest challenge for customers on sites like ours is managing the speed of the search process.  Reducing the time it takes to find workable music is the main thrust of our site.  To that end, we do not offer a library of hundreds of thousands of tracks.  Rather, our library is somewhat narrow, with each track having to pass an ‘ear test’ as to its functionality as a soundtrack.  We hope that by raising the quality/functionality bar at the outset, you will reduce the time it takes to find the track you need.

Our goal is to offer creative, original and distinct music products that are exclusive to this site. Unlike other music licensing sites, we own the copyrights to most of our music. We are not just a distributor of music tracks. We are a true library and publisher of music recordings.

Because we actually own the masters to our recordings, we can enter into publishing deals that other companies can’t. If you have a music usage that cannot be found in our standard license agreement, please contact us and we will work up a custom quote for the usage you intend.

Our Guarantee
We guarantee that the audio recordings offered on this website are 100% copyright cleared and that by purchasing a license on this website you are obtaining all the necessary legal permissions you need to use the recordings as background music in your media productions.

How does your pricing work?
License rates are based on the type of use and the media in which the music recordings will reside.

You can hear our music in productions by these fine companies

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High Impact Stock Music is the website of the UniqueTracks Music Corporation.  Established in 1998, UniqueTracks has been licensing music online for over 20 years.